Kirby: Right Back at Ya! - Season 3





Episode Guide

  • Fright To The Finish
    Fright To The Finish
    Episode 105
    Kirby and his friends get into NightMare Enterprise's base, only to be ambushed. To make matters worse, eNeMeE kidnaps Tiff to lure Kirby into a trap. Can Kirby defeat his most powerful opponent and save the galaxy from his evil?
  • Unknown
    Episode 95
    Kirby has been possessed by a devil frog and starts terrorizing the village! Of course, Dedede doesn't want Kirby destroying everything, so he orders a demon anaconda which will actually just gobble Kirby up!
  • Unknown
    Episode 94
    A huge demon beast starts to attack the village, and it's not Dedede's fault! And Nightmare's not the one who sent it, either! Kirby can tell the monster has a gentle heart, so maybe it doesn't mean to be so violent... But where did it come from? However, Dedede doesn't like it at all, and orders monsters to get rid of it!moreless
  • D'Preciation Day
    D'Preciation Day
    Episode 23
    King Dedede finds out that the Cappys hold "Appreciation Days" to each other. but when no one wants to honor King Dedede, he gets angry and holds his "dis day" for everyone instead. When a prank on Kirby goes wrong, the Cappys make Dedede think that it killed Kirby. What will happen next?moreless
  • Hunger Strike
    Hunger Strike
    Episode 22
    When King Dedede and Escargoon find out how the Waddle Dee eat, they hold a contest on who can make a good dish for the Waddle Dee and Chef Kawasaki's thinwiches won. This does not please Waddle Doo and the Waddle Dee who raid every fridge and arrest anyone in their way. When Dedede orders the Fryclops from NightMare Enterprise to handle the situation, Kirby ends up competing with Fryclops. Who will win?moreless
  • Born To Be Mild (2)
    Born To Be Mild (2)
    Episode 21
    Gus, a former biker, is the only one who can win the race. But Gus has vowed that he would never race again. Will Steppenwolf roar into Cappytown to help Kirby save the day?
  • Born To Be Mild (1)
    Born To Be Mild (1)
    Episode 20
    A biker gang appears in Cappytown looking for a mysterious old biker named Steppenwolf. King Dedede holds a race to determine if the bikers will stay in Cappytown...for good. To make matters worse, Kirby can't use his warpstar. What will happen?
  • Tooned Out
    Tooned Out
    Episode 19
    King Dedede hires animators known as the Otaking Brothers (Biggy, Bony, and Sleepy) from NightMare Enterprise to make a cartoon where he's the hero. Unfortunately, the animators want to make a show about Tiff which they make "The Tiff Show" behind his back. When Dedede finds out, he locks them in the dungeon and orders a replacement animator called Dis Walney that specialized in computer animation. What will happen?moreless
  • Shell-Shocked
    Episode 18
    King Dedede wants to see what's under Escargoon's shell, so he cracks it open with his hammer. NME sends a trick shell over.
  • Kirby: Fright to the Finish -- The Movie
  • Waste Management
    Waste Management
    Episode 16
    To handle his garbage problem, King Dedede hires a bunch of crows to eat his garbage which soon results in them eating garbage from the Cappys after Dedede's is gone. When it's leader drinks Escargoon's monster potion. It mutates and controls all the birds in Dreamland and captures Dynablade's chick. Can Kirby and Dynablade stop them without Dynablade's chick being endangered by them?moreless
  • A Chow Challenge
    A Chow Challenge
    Episode 15
    An old cooking schoolmate of Kawasaki's arrives in Cappy Town to visit, seeing if Kawasaki has the skills of an expert chef. Later, King DeDeDe puts both chefs in a cooking contest to see who becomes the permanent chef, and who will leave the town forever...
  • A Sunsational Puzzle
    King DeDeDe buys some air conditioners from NME because it is getting too hot. These aren't just any air conditioners but ones that destroy the o-zone. This makes it even hotter. Its even worse for Kirby because his young and pink skin is extremely sensitive. Will Kirby save the environment and himself?moreless
  • Mumbies Madness
    Mumbies Madness
    Episode 13
    King Dedede tricks Mr. Curio into opening a box containing Mumbies. According to the book found in Curio's house, whoever finds the Mumbies gets rich. Unfortunately, King Dedede wrote the book to fool the Cappys. How can Kirby stop the Mumbies?
  • Teacher's Threat
    Teacher's Threat
    Episode 12
    A new teacher comes to Cappy Town to teach a class; King Dedede and Escargoon make fun of everyone. The teacher then turns out to be alsmot controlled by an NME monster.
  • Cooking Up Trouble
    Cooking Up Trouble
    Episode 11
    King Dedede finds out that the male Cappys want to learn how to cook. So he tricks them into buying "cooking tools," which are individual pieces of a robot that create the Slicer-Dicer. Can Kirby stop this robot?
  • A Trashy Tale
    A Trashy Tale
    Episode 10
    Chief Bookem takes home the spillover from the Lost and Found part of the Police Station, which turns his beautiful house into a pig-sty. Then, King Dedede exposes them as pack-rats on TV. What happens next?
  • Power Ploy
    Power Ploy
    Episode 9
    King Dedede orders an energy drink to boost the Cappys' stamina. Then he orders an anti-drink to make them pooped out. If Kirby's energy isn't restored fast, King Dedede's monster could destroy Kirby once and for all. Can Tiff and Tuff restore Kirby's energy with an energy drink in time?
  • Goin' Bonkers
    Goin' Bonkers
    Episode 8
    A monster called Bonkers wreaks havoc in Dreamland while searching high and low for Kirby. But it turns out that Bonkers is misunderstood and is actually Kirby's biggest fan. What's up with that? And what does King Dedede have plans for him?
  • Right-hand Robot
    Right-hand Robot
    Episode 7
    Escargoon creates a robot called the Escar-Droid (a robot with feelings) to lessen his workload. But, his plan backfires when King Dedede turns it from a peaceful servent robot into a lethal combat machine to get rid of Kirby.
  • Dedede's Monsterpiece
    Tiff creates a school for budding artists and encourages them to express their ideas on paper. But King Dedede doesn't appreciate fine art, so he orders a monster from NightMare Enterprise to touch up their classics.
  • Fossil Fools (2)
    Fossil Fools (2)
    Episode 5
    Picking up right where the previous episode left off, everyone manages to escape the D-Rex alive, but soon find themselves swarmed by mechanical mosquitoes. And shortly after, they encounter monstrous dinosaurs in various Capy likenesses. while the Cappies are split up and being chased by the dinos, Dedede finds the source - Dr. Moro, who vanished in the last part - and is ready to tear him apart until he learns of his plans for a new dinosaur army, lead by a specific pink menace...moreless
  • Fossil Fools (1)
    Fossil Fools (1)
    Episode 4
    To fuel his dinosaur obsession, King Dedede hires a mad scientist to clone dinosaur DNA and create a dinosaur theme park to prove to the Cappys that real dinosaurs do exist.
  • Caterpillar Thriller
    In his latest plot to get rid or Kirby, King Dedede is given two captive twins from Popstar's South Sea by NightMare Enterprise who can summon a giant caterpillar monster named Mosugaba. This monster is the protecter of the South Sea Island where the twins were captured from. The arrival of this monster causes everyone to sneeze from it's pollen (including Kirby later on). When Mosugaba spins his cocoon near King Dedede's castle and evolves quickly (thanks to King Dedede, Escargoon, Waddle Doo and the Waddle Dee trying to destroy the cocoon by fire) into a butterfly. It's wings emits dust that causes coughing problems for Kirby and King Dedede. Escargoon, tired of the dust and pollen problems, tells Tiff and Tuff where King Dedede's keeping the tiwns and Tiff and Tuff rescue them. The Twins do their hula which stops Mosugaba from attacking Kirby and the Twins and Mosugaba fly off and return to their island in the South Sea.moreless
  • Dedede's Raw Deal
    Dedede's Raw Deal
    Episode 2
    Intrigued by the NME Salesman's new lunch spot, King Dedede funds Chef Kawasaki to turn his restaurant into a sushi bar (and turn all the profits in for himself). But when the customers' high bills for their all-you-can-eat rotary sushi buffet drive them away the next day, Dedede runs a long sushi conveyor belt that rotates around Cappytown, through everyone's buildings, and forbids them to eat anything but the sushi. And, to keep Kirby busy, he serves up an order of a special recipe for hiccups, and a nasty electric squid monster...moreless
  • Waddle While You Work
    In order to pay off his debt with NightMare Enterprise, King Dedede sells all his Waddle Dee. With none left to feed him, King Dedede's hunger leads him into attempting to eat Dynablade's chick. What will happen?