Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Season 2 Episode 2

Snack Attack (2)

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 13, 2003 on FOX
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Snack Attack (2)
When we last left off, Dream Land's residents were being beaten senseless by the martial arts figures from Dedede's batch of chocolate capsules. The citizens find out that these figures are destroyed by a solid hit, so they all run for Kirby's house to enlist his help in eliminating them. Before that can happen, King Dedede challenges Kirby to do battle with his fighters - the figures everyone wanted to get, which are a boxer, karate master, Tai-Chi master, Sumo wrestler, and a ninja with nunchuks. At first, it's a five-on-one beatdown in Dedede Stadium (which is just a stadium built in the castle courtyard). But Kirby sucks up their attacks to become Fighter Kirby, and takes them on one-on-one. Meta-Knight says Kirby will learn the true mastery of his powers when pushed to his limits, but even then, does Kirby have the power to brawl with the best?moreless

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  • The previos episode continues.

    Part 2 of 'Snack Attack' was awesome! Unlike part 1, I like this episode more for action wise then humor wise. Anyway, it was funny at the beginning where the wives are blaming their husbands for being obsessed with the mini figures and how Tiff told Tuff that she warned him that Dedede had something planned. I love how Tiff is always smart and suspisious of Dedede when everyone else is a gullible. XD The challenge with Kirby and the mini figure monsters was pretty cool. I like how Tuff thinks they are just mini figures even after the previos mini figures given by Dedede turned out to be monsters. XD Anyway, it was pretty well thought out how first it looked like Kirby was going to lose to one of the monsters then he's able to find a way to defeat it. I love how Kirby improves with his abilities through out the series. The last battle was the coolest since it was the most challenging one. I thought the last part of the episode was hilarious. The MNE Salesman has left Dedede and Escargoon with a big problem once again. XDmoreless

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    • Dedede Stadium looks very much like The Arena, which appeared both in Kirby's Adventure for the NES and Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland for the GameBoy Advance (as a sub-area in the main level screens, where Kirby would fight a mini-boss for their ability and a Maxim Tomato), and as the final game in Kirby Super Star for the Super NES (here, Kirby would face all the bosses he'd faced throughout the other games, with only five chances to heal between matches, his choice of powers from the start, and two randomly generated powers between matches, in addition to whatever powers he got within each fight)

    • Fighter Kirby returns, making his first Season 2 appearance, and the first transformation of the new season.

    • The candies are very much like Nestle's "Wonder Ball" chocolate balls with candy and other prizes inside


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