Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Season 2 Episode 11

Sweet & Sour Puss

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 15, 2003 on FOX
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Sweet & Sour Puss
Escargoon is at work, placing flowers in a vase by Triple D's bed, singing about how terrible his boss is. When King Dedede hears this, Escargoon expects to get harmed, but for some reason, the King remains quite calm and nice about everything. After several tests, Triple D takes all of them nicely. Confused why the King isn't his regular grumpy self, Escargoon broadcasts a news program on Channel DDD to report to everything that King Dedede has gone insane and is now nice. As the two drive into town, every Cappy in town tries to get Triple D angry by kicking his car, painting him and his car, and smashing him on the head with a hammer. After seeing that Triple D still remained calm and nice through all this, Escargoon decides to hold an event where everyone can take their anger out on King Dedede. At the event that night, even Kirby joins in as everyone tries to make the King angry. As a last resort, Chef Kawasaki feeds Triple D some of his terrible cooking, and after seeing that he could even down that slop, the town decides that King Dedede is officially a nice person. Escargoon figures they won't order any more monsters, and on that thought thinks that a monster may have done this to Triple D. Escargoon runs to the castle and into the monster transporting room, asking the salesman whether Triple D ordered a monster or not. The salesman says yes, and that is a monster that goes inside of its foes and takes away their ability to get angry. Escargoon is excited by the thought, and grabs a mallet to go run and get his revenge after years of abuse. As he runs past Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby, he drops the instruction manual beside them. Tiff skims reads through it, and learns that the monster inside of King Dedede merely stores up anger so that it can unleash it all at once in one mega attack. As the three run to the event to stop everyone before Triple D bursts with anger, they are too late as Escargoon keeps striking the King with a mallet. The monster inside King Dedede's head reaches maximum capacity, and the King goes berserk, glowing red with fury and chasing after Escargoon with his hammer. The King trips, and knocks the monster inside of him outside of his body. It is a small orb, filled with red liquid of anger. As it grows spikes and starts to fire them, Kirby faces the monster head on. After dodging a few explosive missiles, Kirby sucks some of them up and becomes Needle Kirby. Needle Kirby tries to fend off the monster, but it fires too quickly, rendering Needle Kirby's attacks useless. Tiff calls in the Warp Star, and Needle Kirby hops on as he and monster fly through the air, firing needles at each other. Finally, the monster calls up all of its needles at once to fire at Needle Kirby, but Needle Kirby lures them around to strike down the monster. As they do, Needle Kirby fires his own missiles, then flies off as there's a massive explosion which results in fireworks. Kirby returns to normal and comes back on the ground, where everyone is glad that King Dedede is normal again, chasing after Escargoon with his mallet.moreless

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