Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Season 1 Episode 25

Sword and Blade, Loyal and True (aka Hour of the Wolfwrath)

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 30, 2002 on FOX
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Sword and Blade, Loyal and True (aka Hour of the Wolfwrath)
King Dedede orders a monster. This one being a red/crimson colored wolf-like creature. King Dedede tells it to go destroy Kirby, but it's response was a snarl, and it jumped over his head. The NME salesguy explains to DDD that it doesn't take to orders very well. Wolfwrath, the wolf-like creature, sprints right past Sword and Blade. "Was that . . . Wolfwrath?" Sword Knight asks. "We've gotta tell Meta-Knight!" And so the two run off. Well, Kirby and Tuff are playing their version of soccer, while I think Tiff is just watching. Suddenly, though, as the ball is kicked in the air, Wolfwrath jumps out of no where, grabs the ball in his mouth, and pops it with his fangs. Meta-Knight suddenly jumps out from behind the water fountain near the area where Tuff and Kirby were playing. Sword and Blade show up on the scene. Meta-Knight tells them to get Tiff, Tuff and Kirby to safety. Well, the two knights wander off with the three kids near them. So now Meta-Knight faces Wolfwrath. "So, we meet again." Drawls MetaKnight. "We will battle. But this time, only one of us will survive." Wolfwrath just growls, and leaps out at Meta-Knight. Meta-Knight unsheathes his sword, and blocks Wolfwrath's claw attacks. After a while of sword vs claw, Wolfwrath shoots out fire blasts from his mouth in MetaKnight's direction. Meta-Knight dodges them, and later they end up in a castle hall. MetaKnight stands on one side, and Wolfwrath on the other. Sword and Blade suddenly show up on the scene, apparently hearing the commotion. "Meta-Knight! Let us battle Wolfwrath for a while!" Sword Knight suggests, but Meta-Knight just shakes his head. "No, you must protect Kirby!" MetaKnight and Wolfwrath both jump towards each other. Slow motion now. As they meet in the middle we don't see any sign of something happening. Regular speed. the two land at the same time, at opposite ends of the hall I might add. As they do, Wolfwrath jumps over Sword and Blade, knowing he had won that battle. But we don't know that yet. Meta-Knight had not moved since he landed, and Sword and Blade were wondering why. " . . .Meta-Knight?" Meta-Knight falls to his side. Sword and Blade rush over, and help Meta-Knight up, but actually end up holding Meta-Knight up. As we look, Meta-Knight has a fang stuck in his forehead, right through his mask. "Please . . . Y-you must . . . protect . . . K-kirby . . ." Famous last words. His eyes fade into a darker shade of amber, and we're not really sure if he's dead or not. But Tiff, Tuff and Kirby show up on the scene, and the group hurries into Sword and Blade's room, one of them carrying Meta-Knight. When the enter the room, Tiff asks, "Is he all right?" "He's paralyzed. And we won't awaken until that Wolfwrath's defeated." and somehow Sword and Blade get to talking about how they first met MetaKnight.


Meta-Knight was running up a mountain, running away from something we couldn't see. Sword and Blade step out from the shadows looking more . . . tough than they are today. Meta-Knight stops, and says, "Please, let me through. The monster I am running away from is very powerful." Sword and Blade explain that they were bandits back then when the war started. Wolfwrath suddenly appears on the cliff above the three. Meta-Knight unsheathes his sword. "Go! Run, and save yourselves!" Wolfwrath jumps down from the cliff, and the two get into an intense battle. But Sword and Blade do not leave. "We had tried to steal from him, and yet he still saved our lives." Sword explained. Meta-Knight grabs onto one of the spikes on Wolfwrath's back, and in his haste to get the Star Warrior off, Wolfwrath falls off another cliff, Meta-Knight still clinging on. Cut to a shot of Meta-Knight standing on a rock, his caped wrapped around himself, and his back to Sword and Blade. "And that's how we came to follow him." Blade finished with some mumbles here and there. "Are you sure you want to follow me? It will be dangerous." Meta-Knight says to the two. "Of course! We owe you our lives!" Sword says.

End flashback.

Tuff notices some weapons hung on the wall. "What're those?" he asks. Sword Knight turns towards the weapons. "Those are the weapons we used to steal from others. We hung them up there to remind us of what fools we were back then. We have to defeat Wolfwrath to save Meta-Knight. You two stay her and watch after him and Kirby." Sword directs towards Tiff and Tuff. Before Tiff can stop them, they're out the door. Sword and Blade split up to cover more ground. The two meet in the kitchen, and see that it's on fire, with Wolfwrath in the middle of the flames. The two unsheathe their own swords, and rush into the flames to battle Wolfwrath. Wolfwrath just starts to spit out fire blasts from his mouth at them. Tiff enters the kitchen and gasps. "Sword! Blade! Get outta there!! We need to go back!!" Tiff yells. Sword and Blade look at her like she's crazy, and rush in again, but get thrown out of the kitchen. "Let's go!!" Tiff yells again. They run away from Wolfwrath, and enter the room again. They start talking, and Tiff scolds, "You didn't listen to Meta-Knight!!" The two knights appear to look embarrassed, and stay silent. Tiff continues her lecture, "MetaKnight told you to protect Kirby! And you ran out on him!" Sword and Blade continue to stay silent. Suddenly, (I say that too much . . .) steam pours in through the cracks in the door. The scene changes to Dedede, "I want the monster outta here! He's ruining my castle!" The draw bridge opens, and the scene cuts to where the protagonists are. "No time to speak about that, we've gotta get outta here!" So they all rush outside, following Wolfwrath. When they get out, Sword and Blade tell Kirby to stay with Tiff and Tuff, and despite the lecture they just received, they go after Wolfwrath again. Kirby wants to help to, but doesn't have any weapons. He suddenly looks at MetaKnight's unconscious figure, walks over to him, and pulls his sword out of it's sheath. Tiff and Tuff gasp, and Kirby goes after Sword and Blade. Tiff calls on the Warpstar, and Kirby hops on it when it arrives. He swallows Meta-Knight's sword, and becomes Sword Kirby . . . But instead of his usual, original sword, Meta-Knight's sword is held in his hands. He rushes at Wolfwrath, Sword and Blade, who, by now, have gotten to the edge of a lake. Sword and Blade have a flashback of the way MetaKnight defeated Wolfwrath: leading him into a lake. So the two wrestle Wolfwrath into the lake, and Kirby uses the sword beam that Meta-Knight taught him, to destroy Wolfwrath. As we look back at Meta-Knight, the fang dissolves, and Meta-Knight's eyes glow their usual amber-color again. ENDmoreless

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