Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Season 2 Episode 23

The Chill Factor

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Mar 20, 2004 on FOX
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The Chill Factor
This episode begins on a summer morning with Tuff waking up and looking out the window. He calls for Tiff and Kirby to come and look. They see snow all over the place, which is unseasonal; it is summer. The cappies ask King Dedede if he's using Ice Dragon again, but he says no, because NME refuses to send him monsters with the expenses he's racked up and not paid. Later in the day, the cappies see a huge iceberg, and a tribe penguins riding on it. Their leader introduces himself as Pengy, leader of the Pengy tribe. He asks if he and the tribe can stick around and enjoy the cold weather, and everyone says yes. The cappies love having the penguins around, but Tiff is suspicious, thinking the Pengy knew about the cold weather before coming. She confronts the leader, who says, nervously, that it was sheer coincidence, but Tiff is skeptical. Late at night, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby sneak into the iceberg, and Kirby finds a secret entracne. They catch Pengy, making snow and ice, supposedly to spread out all over. Pengy catches them and freezes them in block of ice. He brings them to town, and tells the cappies his story. The Pengy used to be happy. They had the huge icebergs to themselves. However, the Cappies used so much energy that they caused global warming, and the icebergs started to crack. Some of the Pengy were seperated, and never seen again. Now they plan to freeze all of dreamland, and make it cold once again. They temporarily freeze all the cappies, so they can lock them in a jail cell. Meanwhile, Dedede and Escargoon are relaxing with the heaters, and other luxuries turned way up. The Pengy throw water on the two, and announce that they're taking over, and making Dedede and Escargoon their slaves. Back at the jail cell, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby have a bathroom emergency. They're excused from the cell, but come out of the bathroom in penguin costumes. They hurry to the castle, but notice a guard, and stop. That guard reveals himself as Metaknight, who had the same idea. They hurry into the castle, where Dedede and Escargoon are maopping up floors, and confront Pengy. They warn him not to mess with Kirby, but Pengy wants to fight. Kirby absorbs Pengy's ice breath to become Ice Kirby, and Tiff calls for a Warpstar. PEngy's ice proves stronger, and Kirby is forced to fly away. King Dedede desperately begs the NME salesperson for a fire monster, but with his overdue tab, the best he can get is a bottle of hot sauce. Kirby gets the bottle, and throws it into a volcano, causing the snow to melt. The Pengy tribe admits defeat, and moves on. That afternoon, Dedede and Escargoon are basking in the sun with fans and such turned up to full power, when they get drenched yet again. Tiff is the one who did it, and unplugs the appliances, saying they're taking a page out of Pengy's book and conserving energymoreless

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