Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Season 1 Episode 10

The Fofa Factor

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 12, 2002 on FOX
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The Fofa Factor
King Dedede orders Fololo and Falala to split up, but they refuse. Then they go to sir Ebrum and Lady Like to ask where they came from, but they quickly change the subject. After evrey one leaves, they recall howw Dedede dropped them in their laps and ordered them to take care of them, then found out they were actually from a monster named Fofa. Kirby is found listening to them. Meanwhile, Dedede orders a monster called Splice and Dice. Splice 'n' Dice finds Kirby and cuts him into a male and female Kirby. Fololo and Falala carry the Kirbys off. S 'n' D reconizes them as Fofa and tells them he split them up and sent them to Dedede a few years ago. After a wacky chase, Tiff and Tuff steal S 'n' D's Sun Rod witch can put them back together. They put Kirby back together, who sucks up S'n'D's cutter rod and becomes cutter Kirby. Kirby easily defeats S'n'D, but the Sun rod is destroyed before they put Fololo and Falala together. But they don't mind, they like being apart.moreless

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    • QUOTES (4)

      • King Dedede (About Fololo and Falala): You take care of these two weaklings.
        Lady Like: But we already have a new mouth to feed.
        King Dedede: Then you're in luck, 'cause these two don't got mouths!

      • Escargoon: (About their head-switching) Well, for once you had a good head on your shoulders!
        Dedede: It didn't weigh much; There was nuthin' in it!
        Escargoon: At least MY head size doesn't match my waist size!

      • King Dedede (referring to his fortune): What's that mumbo-gumo mean?
        Escargoon: I'm not sure, but there's more.
        King Dedede: Good is it next week's lottery numbers?
        Escargoon: If it was, I wouldn't tell you. It says, "Your account is past due, pay up, you cheap tightwad!". (Triple D hammers him) Great. Just 'cause I'm a snail, I get slugged!

      • NME salesman: Well, King Sucker's back to get his pocket picked again!
        Nightmare: Sell him Fofa. Better yet, chop it and charge him double!

    • NOTES (7)

      • First showing of Tiff as a baby.

      • The way Fofa acted before Splice'n'Dice split him half, it would seem he was one of few monsters who weren't evil.

      • Monster Bio: Slice n' Splice. A sentient, and seemingly intelligent being, this four-legged robot holds two special weapons - a Sun Rod (in the likeness of Mr. Bright) and a Moon Rod (in the likeness of Mr. Shine, he and Mr. Bright are from Kirby's Adventure/Nigthmare in Dreamland). While Slice n' Splice isn't that dangerous himself, with the rods, he can either split a foe into its male and female halves with the Moon Rod, or split many foes with it, and use the Sun Rod to put them back together - usually with their anatomy mismatched. The Sun Rod can also merge the separated male and female halves back into one creature. The rods are destroyed if he is.

      • In Japan, Fololo and Falala's former identity, Fofa, was named Lola. (For those who don't know, in the Japanese version, Fololo and Falala are named Lololo and Lalala, which was their name in the game.) But Fofa appears to be a male, and therefore the name "Lola", which is a female name, wouldn't make sense on him. This could be the explanation as to why the character's names were changed.

      • During the flashback when Slice n' Splice speaks to Fololo and Falala, the Cloaked Nightmare speaks The flashbacks take place when Tiff was just an infant, which reveals that Dedede has been dealing with NME for quite a few years. It's a mystery as to what became of the other monsters he ordered.

      • Cutter Kirby appears for the 1st time ever.

      • S'n'D's Sun and Moon Rods are based on Mr. Bright and Mr. Shine, two bosses from Kirby's Adventure.

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