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"Kirk Hartman is convinced that the best years of his life are just about to begin. Recently sprung from college, Kirk is an aspiring illustrator who is constantly creating superhero characters in the hopes of someday starting a new action/adventure comic book. In the meantime, he just landed a job as a sign painter for an outdoor advertising company in New York, moved into a great bachelor pad in Greenwich Village near his best pal... and lives across the hall from the woman of his dreams. But before Kirk even has a chance to unpack -- never mind let loose -- his aunt shows up with the news that she's off to Florida to be married, leaving Kirk in charge of his younger brothers and sister permanently.

"Kids may not have been part of Kirk's original plan, but he's confident he can still have a life of his own while raising his brothers Corey, 15, and Russell, 7, and his 13-year-old sister Phoebe. He's the first to admit he doesn't have all the answers right now, but he's a college graduate -- he'll figure it out... somehow."

Of course, Kirk and Chelsea worked together in seasons 5, 6 and 7 of Growing Pains.moreless

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  • They should put this show on DVD

    Kirk Hartman and his family lived in a small town in Ohio and they move to New York where they noticed that his aunt Zelda is marrying (They never tell us who) and retiring to Florida. Now Kirk has to take care of his siblings like a father. He also has a good job as an artist for billboards. It seems that after this show ended, Kirk became a Born-again Christian. He now has his own Christian show, but Kirk should be put on DVD. There are many shows that lasted for only a year that are on DVD, so why not Kirk?moreless
  • I don't know why nobody liked it

    Really, I have no clue to why nobody liked it. I did, and I watched it every week. Kirk Cameron is a very cool guy (in Spanish it would be "Me Cae Muy Bien").

    Maybe you could say I watched it because I was an early teen, but anyhow: it was an entertaining show.