Season 1 Episode 28

Cub's Club

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Feb 07, 1987 on NBC

Episode Recap

When the Gang are making a Treehouse after Lenny accidentally fell off the Treehouse, the resulting shake tilted the tree, and forced the gang out, and with everyone out the Tree was like a Catapult flinging the Treehouse. When Gus came, The House landed on Gus, so the Gang went through the forest to find better Trees, but were too small, slimy, and so they went to a foggy part of the forest. when out of the fog, they found a perfect Tree. and when they were done, a Roar shakes the screen, and No, it's not Thunder. it's Brutus! So when Brutus headbutts the Tree, the Pieces were falling off. in a second Attempt, The Treehouse was done for. in a bit of Grudge, Kissyfur threw a Horseshoe at the ground, causing a hole to crumble which is, in fact, a Sinkhole. so they set a Trap. while making a New Treehouse, Brutus came again, but this time the Gang was Teasing and Taunting Brutus. When Brutus was a few feet away from the Tree, He fell in the Trap, while the gang was Thinking of telling their Parents, but Kissyfur said not to because They'll get in trouble. When night came, Kissyfur, then a minute later, the rest of the gang were feeding Brutus, realizing They can't leave Him here forever. So Toot was biting on a hollow tree, going down between the Hole and a Lake, when the hole is starting to fill up, Brutus went postal and Kicked causing a small Tremor and the Gang fell in. when the Gators saw them, They were making a Red hot fire so the Gators can eat them. When Brutus got out, He overheard that the Gators were gonna turn Brutus into Barbeque, so when They see Brutus They ran like crazy away from Brutus. so when Toot was watching, He saw Brutus chasing the gators away, but were found by the Grown-ups after being startled, so when morning came, Gus was making a dessert, so when the Dessert was splattered all over, Gus saw the gang making a new Treehouse on Gus' Home. Well, at least now Gus can keep His eyes on, and His Ears.