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  • I do remember this cartoon.

    For some reason I remember the name Kissyfur and remembering his father as well. I thought the show atleast was a little longer then it said here. But guess they might have just showed in reruns over and over again.

    I liked his father. I remember his father saying something to Kissyfur; about "There is no such thing as Magic".
  • I loved this cartoon!

    It was based on a bear, Kissyfur and his Dad, who escaped from a circus when the train crashed. Now, they live in the swamp along with their friends.

    Along with Kissyfur and his friends, there were the Gators, Floyd and Jolene. Floyd was the "dim" one and took orders from the scarlet wig wearing Jolene. Their plans always revolved around capturing Kissyfur and his friends to eat them, which never paid off.

    It's one of those cartoons you either love or hate, and I personally loved it. The best parts were hearing Jolene's insults towards Floyd, usually followed by a repeated beating over the head by her wig. Check out the videos and you'll agree, this cartoon is one of the best.
  • bring back kissyfur

    im only a teenager but i absolutely love kissyfur it was amazing and i still have the movie for it but i never knew it was a tv show thats freaking awesome. i dont know why tv shows today have to be so corny and are just like "ok kids im gonna teach you why sharing is good" and they keep talking like that for an hour they need to bring the show back. and what about the characters they were pretty darn awesome too my favorite was tooth he was just so cute and tiny.
  • An Ex-Circus BEar and His son are in a Swamp community and have adventures. with friends like a shy Porcupine and a Young Beaver, they try to dodge Floyd and Jolene the Gators.

    in 1985, the Cartoon was on NBC. as a Matter of fact Do You think it should be on Toon Disney? besides, Gus' voice is the same as Talespin's Baloo, and Kissyfur's voice is the same as Kit Cloudkicker, also from Talespin. in 'We are the Swamp', the Antagonists are a Vulture and Snake who try to Eat the Younger Animals. in 'Double Dare Bear the Semi Antagonists are the gators and brutus the bull. the Main antagonists is the circus Ringleader and soon the Workers, but the Show could have more Episodes and have new ones on Toon Disney. anyone Agree?
  • I loved this show.

    I always watched this show when I was little. The crazy part is that nobody but me remembers watching it. This show was awesome. Each episode had a message but it wasn\'t all corny. I also thought that it was cute how Kissyfur didn\'t have a \"perfect childhood\". His mother had died and he lived alone with his father. I thouht it was pretty cool how they finally pointd out that there were single fathers out their raising children alone. But basically the cartoon was really cute and they need to come out with a box set because I would buy it.