Kitchen Confidential

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 26, 2005 on FOX

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  • A bit funnier than the pilot, but nothing really special.

    Like the pilot, there were several scenes in this episode that bored me, and several jokes fell flat. I really want to like this show but it's too average, not as funny as things like "The Office", "My Name is Earl", etc. However, it IS funnier than "Arrested Development".

    Some of the highlights in this episode were the scenes between Jack and Steven. Steven is an interesting character, and, even though he's a liar and thief, is one of the more interesting characters on the show. Nicholas Brenden's character is alright, but isn't as great as Xander on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". But back to Steven, I thought the part at the end where he beats up the brokers are is a great scene.

    One thing I have noticed is that Jack's character is very hard to like. I don't know why. He's just not a good guy. Steven isn't, either, but for some reason his character is still enjoyable. Jack, however, while funny and a bit "charming", I guess, seems like the character you'd expect to be a supporting character. He's a bit low in the morals department, although he's supposedly trying to change. But I think that until we get a lot more backstory on his to find out why he is the way he is, I won't be considering him a favorite character.