Kitchen Confidential

Season 1 Episode 11

An Affair To Remember

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • A tie between "Nothing happened" and "They did this one already". Stuff happened but none of was interesting so it doesn't count.

    Morena Baccarin guest starring was the most interesting thing that happened in this episode and if she wasn't in it I would have given it a 7.6. Pino having a mistress doesn't equal a reoccuring cast member having a life and even if it did he's not the character that I'm most interested it. He's not even among the top ten. I more interested in the life of the homeless guy in the trailer of the last episode. Jack is back to not thinking about the consequences of who he has sex with but this time his actions have graduated - from - things that just affect him and the person he had sex with - to - him, the person he had sex with, and the entire staff (most of which are his closest friends). Sad. Pitiful.