Kitchen Confidential

Season 1 Episode 3

Dinner Date With Death

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 03, 2005 on FOX

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  • John Larroquette (Chef Gerard) always makes things jumpier. And sometimes funnier, if he's not scaring you...

    Totem poles are things you must learn about but they aren't nearly as amusing as Chef Gerard trying to kill himself with food. Strangely amusing but amusing nonetheless.

    Giving Bourdain a challenge was a good idea but I still feel like the scripts could use more development. The characters interact with each other but there just isn't as much character development as I'd like. In fact I don't really think there is any. No one changes, I don't learn anything about anyone... well I learn about the potential preferences of professional chefs (like not wanting a hot dog vendor camped outside you're front door) but I don't learn about the characters featured in the show. Yes the kitchen is a cramped environment but they obviously thought it was big enough to feature a story, so where is the story? Ratatouille did it. And that was a story about a rat who couldn't even speak human. Yet I felt more character development from that rat's story and the kid he worked with than I do in an entire episode of this show.

    Right now I'm only tuning in to support Cooper and Brendon. But sooner or later I will need more. Much more. Like the serving sizes given to Chef Gerard more.
  • good episode!

    John Larroquette is always a treat to watch.

    Thought he made the episode.The episodes seem to have been taken from some of the funnier events in the original book.I can't wait to see if the writers come up with situations from their own experiences.Don't get me wrong, the book was hilarious.
  • I loved this episode of Kitchen Confidential mostly because it was full of references to the personal and political philosphy I support - Libertarianism. From a joke about England supporting freedom less than USA, to the hotdog guy having a gun, to living

    Being a libertarian who believes strongly in individual liberty, I loved this episode. The episode was filled with philosophical undertones of living your life on your own terms, freedom and liberty. They even managed to slip in references to anti-gun control and explaining the capitalist system of supply and demand. And all this without even for a moment coming across as political or feeling like you're getting a philosophy or political view shoved down your throat.
    That's the beauty of believing in individual liberty - You're encouraged to believe and do whatever you want so long as you don't stop, or support laws that stop, other people from doing the same.
    With this episode the people behind Kitchen Confidential really showed that they believe in individual freedom and liberty. Hopefully the subtle references will continue in future episodes.