Kitchen Confidential

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  • Season 1
    • And the Award Goes To...
      Now that Nolita has changed hands and Jack and Mimi are in charge, Nolita is nominated for an EPICURE Award. However, Jack soon realizes that Becky's restaurant is also nominated for the same award prompting a series of mistrust and hostility towards Jack for welcoming her back into his life. Seth finally discovers Jim's indiscretion and Ramon sees the Virgin Mary in a Prize Lobster.moreless
    • Power Play
      Power Play
      Episode 12
      Mimi is the new owner of Nolita and Jack goes through every dirty trick in the book to gain control of the restaurant. But Mimi is more determined than ever to run Nolita, a power-struggle between the two enfolds. The two still fight for control over the restaurant and staff but when a surprise health inspector shows up for an inspection, this prompts Jack to try and bribe her and Mimi doing the inspection the honest way. Also, Jim deals with Tanya's kiss, and trying to keep it secret from Seth who has a history of crazy jealousy.moreless
    • An Affair To Remember
      Jack is unaware that the woman he slept with, Gia, is Pino's mistress, who lives above the restaurant. He goes into panic mode by trying to cover up his latest shenanigan but at the same time, Gia wants to tell Pino about their affair because Jack looks after her whereas Pino does not. Everything then goes awry when Pino throws his wife a party and his mistress arrives threatening to tell all. Meanwhile, Steven, Teddy and Seth plan to take Jim out to get him laid but they instead use his pityful nature to pick up girls for themselves.moreless
    • Praise be Praise
      Praise be Praise
      Episode 10
      Jim tries desperately to impress Jack with his initiative in the kitchen, but his good intentions turn against him causing Jack to give him the silent treatment. A “no send-back” policy is introduced at Nolita which annoys Mimi. Jack gets rated on his “bedroom skills” by the author of the website. But when he is given an score that does not sit well with him, he goes out to prove to the author he is top material.moreless
    • The Robbery
      The Robbery
      Episode 9
      After a gang of armed robbers target Nolita, the restaurant runs low on patrons and several staff members begin to freak out. Jack, desperate for a revival, resorts to calling customers back without positive results. Steven throws a model party to turn their luck around but the crew realize that the models eat the food then vomit it back out again. In the end, Jack and the staff realize that if you are good at what you do, the customers will come back on their own.moreless
    • Teddy Takes Off
      Teddy Takes Off
      Episode 8
      Food and Wine magazine writes a favorable review of one of the Nolita meals that Teddy makes but Jack takes total credit for it. This makes Teddy quit in anger, but seeing him quit and return so often, Jack decides to hire another chef, Chet. He is immediately despised but the rest of the staff and decide to make his time a living hell as they want Teddy back Jack refuses to cave in. Teddy, finding out he has been replaced, takes a job at another restaurant, where he is propositioned by two waitresses wanting a threesome, and begins to like his new job. Meanwhile, Nolita is flooded with guests wanting the fish meal, and Jack soon discovers he does not know how to make it, and realizes he has to get Teddy back.moreless
    • Let's Do Brunch
      Episode 7
      Jack and Becky’s secret affair continues. Meanwhile, Pino orders Jack to take his shortbreads off the menu because they are not selling. Becky convinces Jack to start serving brunch even though the rest of the staff is dead set against it. Seth has a run in with a suave chocolate maker.moreless
    • Rabbit Test
      Episode 6
      Jim accidentally accepts a delivery of live rabbits for Nolitas special, but when they arrive alive, no-one has the guts to kill them. Meanwhile, Jack dates a vegan who will not touch meat but he sweet talks her into eating meat, prompting her to go sick. Becky teases Jim to the point where he walks around with an erection every time he sees her. And, Steven is convinced that Becky wants him badly in the sack that they put a bet on to see who will be the first one to crack, which results in both chefs to seduce one another.moreless
    • You Lose, I Win
      Episode 5
      Jack realizes that he needs to spend more time with the patrons if he wants Nolita to be more successful. To accomplish this, he hires Becky to be head-chef while he talks to patrons, which doesn't go over well with the rest of the kitchen staff. Nolita does become successful but Jack begins to immediately become jealous of Becky. Meanwhile, Mimi's old loser friend gives Nolita a visit and shows up with her handsome fiance, causing Mimi to become jealous of her. Seth and Teddy go to desperate measures to see if people like pastry or fish.moreless
    • French Fight
      Episode 4

      After Jack sees Nolita's menu on Michel's restaurant without asking permission, the two restaurants go head-to-head hoping to destroy their rivals restaurant. To make matters worse, Michel begins seducing Mimi much to Nolita's chagrin.

    • 10/3/05
      Jack's old mentor, Gerard, comes to Nolita with a strange request. He wants Jack's food to feed him to death. Meanwhile, Steven and Seth's authority drives Jim to find his way up the kitchen hierarchy with ineffective results.
    • Aftermath
      Episode 2
      When Pino suspects Steven of stealing steaks, Jack is determined to change Steven and himself from their old ways but his plans don't go to plan. Tired of his new ways, Seth and Steven plan to get Jack laid so it will ease the pressure off him but he instead runs into his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Stockbrokers run up a huge bill and then dine and dash.moreless
    • Exile on Main Street
      Jack Bourdain was a great chef four years ago until he made his own demise. Nowadays, he works in a children's restaurant run by his girlfriend. But his luck is about to change. Pino Lugeria, owner of Nolita, wants Jack to take over as head chef and to assemble a crew in 48 hours. For this, he goes back to his old friends, Seth Richman, the pastry chef, Teddy Wong, the seafood expert, Steven Daedelus, as a sous-chef and also great thief, offering all of them a chance to work together again. But this decision does not sit well with Pino's daughter, Mimi, who resents Jack.moreless