Kitchen Confidential

Season 1 Episode 1

Exile on Main Street

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 19, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

The series opens with Jack going through his early parts of his life. His love of making food and making love itself. However, one wild night puts him jail for four years.

After serving his sentence, he now works in a childrens restaurant working for his current girlfriend. He feels useless as he is wasting his potential in an unknown restaurant. When he gets back home, he is offered a job at Nolita and the boss, Pino, wants to interview him. Jack does not remember sending in his resume but after much convincing by his girlfriend, he decides to go.

The next day, Pino wants Jack to become head chef at his restaurant in less than 48 hours. Jack says "it's a suicide job" to which Pino replies with a yes. The deal is done. Jack takes on the challenge and begins to round up his old crew to work at Nolita.

He goes back to recruit Seth Richman, the pastry chef. Teddy Wong, the seafood master. And Steven Daedalus, his sous-chef (and master thief). With his crew all set, he hires Jim a chef who claims he cannot go back to Utah because the food is awful. Jack is told to meet the wait staff, led by Mimi. She believes that Jack will fail the restaurant her father built. However after Jack makes sweet talk with the wait staff, they are convinced he can come back with nothing and turn the restaurant's fortune around.

Tanya, the hostess, recieves a call from a Daisy Miller, a food critic that only Jack knows. Jack immediately recognizes the name from a past relationship by broke up because she caught him having sex with her sister. Her real name is Reece Ryder. Jack gives her a call but Reece is anything but happy when he calls.

The night approaches and Jack can barely keep himself together. Customers begins to eat and Reese shows up. A mix up with her alias causes her problems with Mimi who offers her the worst service imaginable.

Things in the kitchen also turn out to be a disaster. Jack is asked to keep a group of young women quiet but leads to more trouble. Steven and Seth plan to cause Jim as much misery as possible which results in Teddy accidentally chopping off Stevens finger. The crew immediately begin searching for the severed finger by pulling all the plates. They don't find it but Mimi is adamant that the dish Reese ordered go out to her. Jack reluctantly agrees and Mimi sends it out.

Much to her horror, Reese's dish contains Steven's finger and after a snap decision, takes the dish away again causing Reese to become more irate.

Jack is in the backroom relaxing when a woman from the hen's party tries to seduce him. He fights her off but she pulls his pants down. Reese walks in on him to comment on his food but stumbles upon the woman drunk on the floor. She leaves in disgust. To make matters worse, Jack's girlfriend witnesses the same scene. But after convincing her that it's not what it seems, she complies and leaves.

Later that night the crew discuss the course of the evening. Steven get's his finger sowed back while Teddy and Seth argue about how they were conned by Jack, believing they were going to get Visas and free dental respectively. Pino reads the review of the restaurant and Reese gives it a favorable one. The crew immediately celebrates with Pino regarding Jack as one of the best.

Jack runs back home to tell his girlfriend the good news but she is not there. He sees a letter which reads that they cannot continue their relationship any longer due to his new found success and she cannot wait around for the pain. As a last note, she wishes him the best of luck and that she sent the resumes to Nolita and that was how he got the job.

A bittersweet ending for Jack but he now has a new job ahead of him.
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