Kitchen Confidential

Season 1 Episode 1

Exile on Main Street

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 19, 2005 on FOX

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  • Looks like it might be something fun.

    When I first watched this series, as it aired on FOX, I tuned in for Bradley Cooper (of Alias) and Nicholas Brendon (of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer). I later found that John Cho was in it, too. I like a show with faces that are familiar from somewhere else because it feels like an inside joke.

    Revisting the show on I now know who Anthony Bourdain is and I recognize Andrea Parker from The Pretender. I also recognize the pilot's director Darren Star, John Francis Daley from Bones, and Bonnie Somerville from the also short-lived Cashmere Mafia. It kinda makes me hope that everyone in the show will pop back up again.

    The pilot makes me feel that the show is full of potential but has yet to hit the right note. The ensemble seems well put together and all the parts seem well cast. There is probably a good food analogy to say what I'm trying to say but I'm not a foodie or a professional chef. It's like they have premium ingredients but they just don't seem to go together yet. I hope they figure out a new recipe in future episodes.
  • this is so much like the real think that i work in everyday.

    wow wow wow finally the people who eat out can experience first hand the organized (or sometimes unorganized) choas that can consume any restaurant kitchen. having work as a chef for over ten years i can first hand say kitchen confidential is spot on. the way they have captured the realizm of true life in the kitchen world i think does our world justice. again all i can say is wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!
  • Great cast, great premise...It's amusing, but not exactly hilarious, and it could be better.

    I was looking forward to "Kitchen Confidential", because I love most of the cast. Bradley Cooper is probably my favorite actor on the show because of his work on "Alias", and this seemed like a very different part than what I was used to seeing him do.

    Cooper plays the role of Jack Bourdain, a great chef who's a little too addicted to drugs and alcohol. He loses his job after punching his boss, but is eventually offered a job as head chef.

    I really don't know what to think of the show. It's decent enough and entertaining, but in some parts it really is funny, but in other parts it tends to fall flat. Mostly it's just...amusing. Not bad, but not great.

    I don't HOPE for this show to be canceled, but at the same time, I won't be very sad to see it go.
  • 8.5
    Brilliant. I was afraid Arrested Development's brilliance could not be repeated but I'm glad to see new shows are taking example and discovering they can be quite adventurous, plotwise.
    Besides the terrific writing I'm glad to see many of my favorite actors working on one show: Bradley Cooper (Alias), Nicholas Brendon (BtVS), Bonnie Somerville (Shortlived 'Grosse Pointe') and John Cho (although it's not clear wheter he's schedualed to appear on any other episodes other than the pilot).

    I'm expecting great things from this cast and the writers and hope not to get disappointed. Great Television is hard to come by these days.
  • It could be a hit but only time will tell

    The first episode wasn't bad at all. It was extremely fast paced though. I think they would have been better in a 1 hour time slot. There was so much to take in that I had to watch it twice to truely catch everything.

    I still found it to be very funny and think that it will make a good filler for all the dramatic series that are coming out this fall.
  • too early to tell a good light humour. this episode was lighly funny. the show has earnt my interest at this stage but still needs to prove itself yet

    The reason i turned my interest to this show is because of Bradley Cooper. Being an Alias fan i found a liking in Cooper and wanted to see how this show would turn out with him starring.
    although the episode wasnt hilarious, nor did it have me in tears at any point, for some reason at the end i wanted to watch more. the humour was witty, and i got a few chuckles out of it.
    the show seems to be as successful as a drama as it is a comedy, which gives it a nice mix.
    i liked the character of Jack Bourdain, Cooper has done a good job, he fits the part nicely, and it seems the rest of the characters are so different from one another that it will make the show interesting.
    the little twists at the end where Jacks food got a raving review and the girlfriend leaving him were pretty unexpected, which kept the episode fresh and brought a new level to it at the end.

    although i didnt think the show was fantastic, it was good enough to watch right through, and i will continue to watch it at this rate. it still has a long way to prove itself, but ill give it the benifit of the doubt at this stage and see where it goes from here.
  • I don't have much of an appetite, thank you

    I thought the pilot of KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL turned out somewhere between glowing and painful. Had it not been for Tessie Santiago's cameo role, I doubt I would have stayed past the
    first five minutes, though. The producers and writers had a nice collection of guest stars
    especially including Tessie and Frank Langella, which made the series more fun to watch. The over the top and gross allusions were NOT needed. I
    never thought much about how a restaurant is run, so the storyline taught me a little. I thought Ms. Santiago's role as the waitress, Donna, was fun and could be easily reprised by the
    writers/producers. (Are you all listening?) Among the female actresses, she stood out as both a
    good actor and as an individual. It was hard for me to tell one actress from the other since there were so many blonds. That preponderance of "same-looks" reminded me of the first season of LOIS AND CLARK. Jimmy and Clark looked so much alike that first season that the producers had to re-
    cast Jimmy the next season so as to keep from confusing the viewers so they knew hwo the hero was.

    That said, I will watch again next week to see Ms. Santiago in her second KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL appearance.
  • What was this show all about?

    I eagerly awaited the premeire of this show. Not because the premise enticed me, or because the lead character was someone I could fall in love with but because Nicholas Brenden was in it.
    Maybe that is why this show just didn\'t hit home with me.
    I will admit there was some funny, quick witted dialogue in it but the characters didn\'t seem to have any chemistry AT ALL.
    Nobody seemed to click, it was as if they were all rehearsing for the first time together.
    We are supposed to care about this chef. We are supposed to want him to succeed. Yet there was no time spent building any likable qaulities in him. At the end it seems we are suppose to care that his girlfriend set this all up and left but we have no idea what kind of relationship they had so how can we?
    Overall I think I was left with the feeling that I hadn\'t watched anything at all. It was an empty unsattisfying feeling.
    I will give this show another chance but it better cut the mustard on the next episode or it is gonna get a big ol\' 0 on the rating scale from me.
  • Can't wait to see what happens next!

    For a pilot, I thought this was great. I found myself wishing that this was an hour long show rather than a half hour, which surprised me.

    I didn't like how things were unresolved with Pinot's daughter and the way she treated the food critic, but I hope that's to come. I understand that there's only so much you can address in a half hour sitcom pilot ....

    Also, sad that his girlfriend left him, after having sent his resume off. I hope to see him do something to win her back, but we'll see about that.

    All in all, a great start, and I hope a lot more people tune in!
  • FOX surprises me yet again with a good TV show.

    When I first saw promos for "Kitchen Confidential," I thought it'd just be this stupid, campy comedy about all these mis-matched people working in a kitchen, you know, generic sitcom stuff. This show really presents what it's like to work in a an extent, of course. The cast is great and the humor is very well written. Some of the humor was a little predictable (the sous chef's finger ending in the food critic's food), but it was still great. "Kitchen Confidential" shows a lot of potential. Hopefully FOX will continue to make shows such as this, "Arrested Development," and "Headcases" rather than shows like "The Simple Life" and "American Idol."
  • "Kitchen Confidential" serves up something refreshing to the dying sitcom

    The pilot episode basically describes something really true about the show summed up in Pino's words: "If Jack Bourdain can get his house in order, then Nolita can rise up to become the premier restaurant." To borrow and use these words, the show needs fine-tuning. However, if time is invested in the show, especially with the actors and actresses' cheese factors, the show can rise up to the top of the sitcoms on the show.

    The show starts off with Jack's life in fast-forward mode, detailing his dreams and aspirations of being one of the most talented chefs ever. Original? What was original was the process in which he was exiled from his high-life: booze, drugs, and women. He goes on to crash and burn in another restaurant only to land in a new restaurant, Nolita.

    From there, Jack begins to reassemble his old crew: Seth the Pastry Master, Teddy the Seafood Extraordinaire, and Steven the Kitchen Magician. Together, they make quite the culinary team.

    Unfortunately, not every restaurant is without its hitches. The boss has an eye on a young, particular blonde named Mimi. When she hears that Jack burned-out and is being hired to become head chef, Mimi takes matters into her own hands and tries to ruin Jack.

    Jack has a "friendly" meeting with his wait staff, introducing his fish as the main special of the night. It is later announced that tonight, a top food critic will be sampling their cuisine. Jack asks the hostess to treat her in the best way possible.

    Throughout the night, things do not go well: Mimi has taken unofficial control of the kitchen and is doing everything she can to blow Jack out of the water. On top of it all, she mistreats the food critic and blows everyone off.

    In one of the tables, a female diner has requested a special cake to show off how "AWESOME!!!" she is. Jack decides to move in on the girls while the cooks are busy at work.

    In the kitchen, Steven begins his hazing of the new chef by blowing a torch underneath his butt. When the kid finally calls him something really funny (too funny to tell!), Steven congratulates him. However, at the same time, Teddy chops Steven's finger off, forcing everyone to pull the plates.

    Jack and Mimi have a fight about a dish that's supposed to go to the critic. Mimi says "Cheese!" to Jack and delivers the fish to the critic. Sure enough, the finger is RIGHT THERE!!! Mimi realizes her mistake and pulls the dish from the plate.

    The next day, Pino delivers the news to his staff. While the service was dismal (thanks to Mimi), the food was superb (thanks to Jack). So Mimi loses this bout. However, it's a bittersweet ending since at the end of the show, Jack's girlfriend moves out of the apartment, wishing him the best in his life.

    The show is still a little rough around the edges. However, it has the potential to be a real appetizing treat!
  • As much as I like the cast, this show is not only unfunny but borders on boring.

    I watched the pilot because of the cast, and what I saw doesn't entice me to watch another episode of this boring, unfunny mess.

    Neither the physical humor nor the dialogue induced a laugh, or even a smile. The antics of the kitchen staff were childish and irritating to watch. The main character is not very likeable (neither are the supporting characters), and the little of him we saw in the pilot made it difficult to care about success of the restaurant or his relationship with his girlfriend.
  • An interesting show that just might work.

    I'll begin by admitting that the only reason that I watched this premier is becuase it came on between Arrested Development and Prison Break. What I found was is a sitcom that just might continue to hold my interest. It was funny, interesting and witty. The jokes were funny, and the sceans where Jack was gathering his crew were amusing. As with all series premiers, it was not the best, but I've also seen much worse shows. I do believe that I will continue to watch this, not only becuase it falls between two of my favorite shows, but because on its own it drew me in, and I must say, I will continue to watch.
  • For sometime now, everyone has been saying the Sitcom genre is in a pitfall. Nothing new since Arrested Development caught the eye of the audience or the critics. This should be the one sitcom of the fall season that will be raved about by everyone

    Talk about a great pilot. While I didn't even smile watching the pilot of Joey (boy, was that a horrendous experience), I spent my time laughing while watching the pilot episode of Kitchen Confidential. May I add that I am very difficult with sitcoms because I prefer dramas as a rule and I don't stand the laughing tracks. One of the reasons I like Scrubs so much is because it is filmed like a drama and Kitchen Confidential is filmed the same way.

    A plethora of characters is introduced in the pilot, so much so that one could actually say it's too much in too short a time. But I wasn't bothered by this fast pace of the story and fast pace of the dialogues and every single line hits its mark.

    Some may say that some of the situations are déjà-vu, however it's not because it looks like it's been used before than it can't be re-used when it is done intelligently and that's exactly what the writer did. Reuse certain situational comedy that works every single time when it doesn't look like it's forced.

    All of the actors, Bradley Cooper, John Cho, Nicholas Brendon etc.. perfectly fit for their parts; I have just one reservation with Bonnie Sommerville but I hardly ever liked her in anything she did before, so that might just be my subjectivity.

    I was also very happy with two of the guest-stars; Andrea Parker and Bitty Schram were just perfect. Hopefully, we'll see more of them in future episodes.

    If you liked Scrubs or Arrested Development, you will definitely like Kitchen Confidential. It is definitely not as wacky as the latter, however I believe this is how a sitcom should be: funny, witty and well played.
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