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FOX (ended 2005)


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    Quick update ...some on responded to my post on it is

    "Yes, that does seem to be correct. I taped Friday's ep "Power Play" & while watching it back on the weekend, immediately knew something wasn't right. Things seemed to have progressed further than when we last saw it, such as Mimi now single-handedly running Nolita, and the thing with Jim & Tanya (couldn't be sure if that had happened in a previous ep though or if it was one of those off-camera developments).

    I checked an episode guide & was annoyed to discover Channel 7 appeared to have skipped 3 whole episodes (TR, PBP & AATR). I honestly can't understand why they would do this to a show that only has 13 episodes altogether. I had no problem with it being off air for the last 3 weeks due to tennis & then the easter break, but never imagined they wouldn't continue the show from where it left off! How hard is it to show it in order anyway?

    "Power Play" was ep 12 and has ep 13 "And The Award Goes To.." listed for this coming Friday. None of the tv guides I've seen say anything about it being the final, so maybe they do plan on showing the others after that. While I'd be happy to see them all played, it pisses me off that they don't care enough about continuity to show them in the right order. Don't they realise that most shows contain some kind of ongoing storyline, even if the main plot is a standalone? It's confusing and frustrating for us to have to spend half the episode wondering why something feels off and trying to figure out if an episode has been skipped, instead of sitting back and enjoying the laughs.

    If they don't show the missed episodes, what chance have the fans around the world got to ever see them unless they eventually pop up on dvd? I've only seen torrents for a handful of episodes posted around the internet, and they seem to be reliant on Aussies uploading the newer eps as they go to air... "

    So the question about why there was no new episodes for 3 weeks is solved..& hopefully they will play all 13 epis!..

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    next week ep 10 praise be praise is airing so hopefully after that will be ep 9 and ep 11 even if they are out of order

    funny thing is, with the ep 'Lets do Brunch' this was previously listed as ep 9 on but when it aired as the seventh in australia, changed to to ep 7

    its a good chance since the series were cut that all 13 episodes were not finalised with the air order they were supposed to shown in the states so maybe what we think is out of order in Aus might be the way it was intended to be shown if it had of survived in the states.

    Its quite possible since I notice even with shows like lost the last few eps werent finalised towards the end of the series so they dont obviously have this info made public in the early season

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    Let's mount a campaign to have them put it all on dvd,then we can watch them in order!!
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