Kitchen Confidential

Season 1 Episode 4

French Fight

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 2005 on FOX

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  • Jack's French rival steals a dish and Mimi's ...heart. Then Jack and the boys plan for "war." Wackiness, as is inevitable, ensues!

    A perfectly fine goofy revenge plot. The delightfully silly and sexy Michael Vartan got to speak French, laugh a bit, and look good in nuclear orange!

    Nicholas Brendan had me a fan since Buffy, and watching him tonight made me 1) remember part of why I adore him, and 2) they'd write funny scenes that were actually funny for him to play. The "Nic squeals and does some physical shtick" is old already. The Buffy folks had to freshen it up from time to time, but this is supposed to be Episode FOUR, folks!

    Bonnie Sommerfield? Lucky bit--gal. *g* Hard work week,hon; many props!

    Owain? John? Come sit by me over here; I'll be nice.

    Bradley? Love you, love Jack-even when he's an ass- and wanted this to work out better than it did. This ep was a great episode for you and Jack! *sigh*

    If you can catch this wherever, I suggest it highly for folks with tastes similar to mine, and wish that folks watch it and give it a go if their tastes and mine diverge a bit. It's funny, the cast is pretty, the food looks tasty, and underdogs deserve love too.
  • A good episode thats fun and goofy

    I know that this show doesn't have much longet to live, but I still sat down to watch this episode and really enjoyed myself. The whole thing was a lot of fun, with Jack Bourdain and his pirate crew of chefs waging war on a rival French resteraunt. Lots of goofy gags and one-liners in this one, with a majority of them scoring. Some I thought were too laboured (the spooky baker didn't make any sense, but the 'Silence of the Lambs' parody was pretty funny) but for the most it got laughs. On one hand, I can see how this show might have lost steam, but watching this episode I do wonder what might have been had 'Kitchen Confidential' been given a chance.
    Good stuff.
  • Well-written episode. Handsome men indulge in alpha-male behaviour because of a stolen receipt.

    I'm sorry that this show didn't get its chance to really show its potential.

    This episode was a bit on the cheesy side, but the actors pulled off all right. I didn't quite understand the bit about the scary baker, which is why this episode doesn't get 10.0.

    I loved the "girlfriend-not my girlfriend" exchanges during the entire episode. I'm sad that we perhaps might not get to see what will happen between Jack and Mimi - it would be worth it for the bickering alone.

    Jim was again the poor abused guy in this ep - I was happy to see the other guys stand up for him.

    The unexpected end to the tale was one of those twists you just have to adore.
  • This episode was delicious. Michael Vartan guest staring and some hilarious bits.

    Michael Vartan was hilarious "Your cuisine is caca!" it's really little lines here and there, facial expression and other physical situation that made all this epi wonderful. The actors are all amazing in that epi. And it's nice to here real French accents for once in an American show. Really, Fox ending the show in *this* precise episode doesn't make sense at all, it's the best one!
  • LOL - a laugh between friends

    This was such a funny episode - Hurray Mr Michael Vartan finally uses the accent of his native tongue.
    Some of the thing said ya just have to laugh.
    Michel: Well Jack, I must congratulate you on my imprisonment and my upcoming deportation. Jack: Michel, this went way farther than I've meant it to.
    Michel: No, no, no, maybe I deserved to have my life destroyed. After all, I did make a meat dish in the same manner as you, huh?
    Jack: Hey, you know what? You look great in that suit. I hope you enjoy it for the rest of your life.
    Michel: Oh, I will get my revenge.
    Jack: Yeah? I don't think so. But good luck. (tries to put the phone down) Did you, did you glue my hand to the phone?! The follow on to th and this scene is just so funny just a little odd.
  • I love Michael Vartan.

    I love Michael Vartan. A lot. I really do. Putting him in this episode all by itself raised the quality of the show. Putting him on a show with former castmate Cooper, giving him a French accent, and setting him at war with Cooper just got them a 9.6 rating. Above average indeed.

    The comedy was better than ever before. John Cho's reality check was totally called for. I loved the bread guy. Funny. "My space will be respected." The creative cursing was as funny as the craziet stuff on The Sopranos. The only thing I wonder is what is Bourdain's problem with the French? He seemed to have a issue before the Michel ever stole his dish. Daley's reaction to the sack was priceless. His telling of his horror story of Frenchmen everywhere was even funnier. Every line Vartan had was so rich I occasionally had to pause my player so that I could stop laughing.

    "It is, how you say, on."
    "Is it the color that we spoke of?"