Kitchen Confidential

Season 1 Episode 4

French Fight

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 2005 on FOX

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  • Jack's French rival steals a dish and Mimi's ...heart. Then Jack and the boys plan for "war." Wackiness, as is inevitable, ensues!

    A perfectly fine goofy revenge plot. The delightfully silly and sexy Michael Vartan got to speak French, laugh a bit, and look good in nuclear orange!

    Nicholas Brendan had me a fan since Buffy, and watching him tonight made me 1) remember part of why I adore him, and 2) they'd write funny scenes that were actually funny for him to play. The "Nic squeals and does some physical shtick" is old already. The Buffy folks had to freshen it up from time to time, but this is supposed to be Episode FOUR, folks!

    Bonnie Sommerfield? Lucky bit--gal. *g* Hard work week,hon; many props!

    Owain? John? Come sit by me over here; I'll be nice.

    Bradley? Love you, love Jack-even when he's an ass- and wanted this to work out better than it did. This ep was a great episode for you and Jack! *sigh*

    If you can catch this wherever, I suggest it highly for folks with tastes similar to mine, and wish that folks watch it and give it a go if their tastes and mine diverge a bit. It's funny, the cast is pretty, the food looks tasty, and underdogs deserve love too.