Kitchen Confidential

Season 1 Episode 7

Let's Do Brunch

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • This fantastic episode takes place at a time we don't see often during the show, the morning. Becky convinces Jack to hold a brunch in order to give her a chance to run things.

    This episode is a great example of how well this show is written. Almost every character on the show has a memorable line. From the gay waiter's brush with grandmas from beyond the grave to Steven hung over making omelets for a couple of brats.

    My favorite scene involves Jack and Becky's plan to put her in charge of brunch without getting everyone else upset. It showcases just how great the actor who portrays Jack really is.

    Meanwhile Steven thinks that the chocolates guy is sleeping with Becky and the bakery guy winds up getting caught in the middle when he realizes that Jack was working with Becky from the beginning.

    This episode is a must see.
  • Albert should have seen it coming.

    Jack caving for sex? So predictable.

    Steven losing his mind over Becky was funny.

    Seth's muffin protest's timing was off.

    Tanya needs to take a class in being a hostess. Yes, she's pretty but the names she comes up with for her customer's must be killing some business.

    Brunch was quiet and painful. Maybe it was the background music they left out on purpose.

    This episode could have used a little more Albert.

    Mimi overdid it with the sisterhood thing, but the lines weren't that great to begin with.

    "There's no kahoots!"

    I think they have Pino in just the right amount of episodes.

    I'm gonna miss Becky. I wish brunch was leaving instead of Becky.