Kitchen Confidential

Season 1 Episode 12

Power Play

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • Silly. Silly, stupid filler.

    A sub plot here. A sub plot there. Boring. Boring. I just wanted it over. Glad to see Mimi moving up but it's too soon for a new dynamic. Tanya and Jim seem right for each other. Seth doesn't deserve her. The health inspector storyline couldn't have been funnier. Which is why they shouldn't have done it. It sucked. It was predictable, boring, sucky, siller, overdone, unoriginal, and (fill in your own words for lame here). I saw every thing coming. Including the kiss at the end. I enjoyed the commercials more. I hate filler. I hope the final episode is better.
  • Another great manic episode of this sereis with Nina and Jack engaged in a powerplay over the staff for control of Nolita. Also, Jim and Tanya\\\'s romance starts heating up.

    Another great episode of this prematurely cancelled series. Though dealing with a bit more cliched terrain this time around, the series manages to inject its own vibrant, manic energy into the story. The interplay between Nina and Jack is great with each of them trying to win out over the other. The way the boys went crazy over new kitchen toys was hilarious and believable. \\\"It\\\'s Christmas!\\\" Nina\\\'s retaliation with the appetizer contest to be placed on the menu was a stroke of genius. It makes sense that Jack with his ego would never let his menu be changed or added to.

    The interaction with Teddy gleefully holding onto the secret of Jim and Tanya\\\'s kiss WITH TONGUE, was great. Seth is completely the type to overreact with jealousy with this news. The way Steven threw a dart at him to spare him was classic Kitchen Confidential style, physical pain is highly preferable to devastating emotional rejection. When Teddy finally breaks down after Seth makes his crack about his hairnet (which is a true and frustrating health code rule), the way the group comically freaks out over the scurrying Jim cracked me up.

    In terms of the romantic relationships, finally we see them coming to a head, with the people being paired up in the way that you\\\'ve been anticipating since the beginning of the series. Jim and Tanya\\\'s sensibilities match, and Nina and Jack make a great love/hate couple. Can\\\'t wait to see how this would have developed, but alas, the show was cancelled. An original, crazy, fresh show like this deserved better.