Kitchen Confidential

Season 1 Episode 6

Rabbit Test

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • Glad to see that Becky's back.

    I knew Jack's policy of not dating coworkers was bull before I saw the montage of him getting fired for sleeping with his co-workers. I said it before, and now I'm sure. Episode after episode of Jack screwing things up with women is not enough to hold up an entire show. Not even a half-hour one.

    Celery sucker = Vegan? Lauren Stamile (Julia) was nice to see. She deserves so much more than a Derek who just wants a Meredith and is lying about it. Too bad she didn't get it here. Although I believe that chefs and restaurants should be versatile I wonder why a vegan would even go to eat at a place where murdered meat is all around them and probably prepared with the same utensils as the food they're eating. Jack should have known that exposing a vegan to sausage would have gone where it went.

    Oh, poor rabbits. :(

    The mini battle of the sexes between Becky and Steven was a good time. It was the only reason I rated the episode above average. That and Jim's repsonse to Becky. Every response. Becky gives great supporting cast member.