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  • French Fight. Very fast paced and clever

    The scary baker was a nice touch.

    You know that the line between genius and insanity is very close!!

    Thought that Mimi was finally shown to be a little less stiff and more human.

    Hysterical when she came in with her hair all tousled.

    Too bad Fox doesn't get it.

    This show is fresh and a hoot to watch.

    We will miss it!!!
  • even though Fox has declined to pickup the rest of the season, all is not lost - if Family Guy, a show ahead of its time, can come back due to popular demand, so can Kitchen Confidential!

    Everybody claims Kitchen Confidential is "underappreciated" and is an "absolutely fabulous" show. It is. The problem is that the average joe isn't hooked onto a kitchen-based show to start off with. That's why Iron Chef has to be shown on the Food Network and not any of the major networks. But obviously those that watch this show have developed into a cult-like following, so keep getting your friends to watch it, and maybe down the road it'll come back!
  • I had to watch to see Nicholas Brendon. The pilot was in love at first site. It was very witty and story line was good. It has gotten better with each episode. I want to see more of it!

    The pilot was funny and set up a good feel for what to expect for the show. It has a different feeling then the other shows that are out this season and I really enjoy watching it. I even keep it on TIVO so I can go back and watch it again.
  • Fun characters and great premise, might have been a great show given the chance.

    Tonight i heard the news that 'Kitchen Confidential', alongside the greatly mourned 'Arrested Development', are cancelled. And it's a shame. 'KC' was a show that had great promise. It had a great, good looking talented cast (including personal fave and 'Buffy' alumni Nicholas Brendon) a hip, cool setting (a pirate crew of chefs and waiters at a posh New York resteraunt) and is based on the writings of Tony Bourdain, the darn coolest chef and TV host you'll ever see. The writing was great, and though the episodes weren't knee-slapping hilarious, the dialogue was sharp and quick paced. It was obvious the show was going places story wise, but now we'll never see how they would have panned out. A very underappreciated show.
  • This show is hilarious. It has a humor similar to that of Sex and the City and other shows aimed at the same target demographic.

    This show is hilarious. It has a humor similar to that of Sex and the City and other shows aimed at the same target demographic. The cast is great. I absolutely love the Head Chef from Jack & Bobby and the Head Waitress (who I recognize, but can't quite place). This show deserves kudos!
  • I like this show

    Love it. I work in a kitchen and i know that the chefs can be axactly like the ones in this show. The actors are great for the roles they play. Its amazing that it has such an easy plot that nobody came up with the idea for this show before.
  • A great well written show that needs to be watched, I hope Fox doesn't cancel it.

    Poor show it's getting killed in the ratings, people need to watch this. It is hilarous. Bradley Cooper is super funny e has this knack for comedy that was so underused on Alias. Plus I'm so glad to see Nicholas Brendon has a job again. Great cast that works well together and a creative concept that doesn't come off cheesy or pretentious. If you're trying to choose which Buffy alum to support support Nicky and tape Alyson's How I met your mom... Kitchen needs the support.
  • WOW!! Somebody thought of a new idea that didn't involve the term 'reality'

    Finally, a refreshing change for TV. Somebody finally sat down and created a show that is funny and new. I was begining to think the TV industry was going the same direction of movies and music - producing crap (a.k.a. any thing in the 'reality' genere) and then blaming the internet and consumers for falling sales/profit. The characters are believable and the situations plausable. Writers take note!! We want more shows like this one. Well not exactly like it but you get the picture, right?
  • a master chef finds himself in jail after experimenting with two many drugs, women, and messing with the boss. after his release, hes stuck in a theme restaurant until he gets the second chance of a lifetime to be the head chef at a new upscale New York r

    im a cook- and i love this show- its surpirsingly accurate and well written, i definetly hope it makes it. this is a show that could certainly have lots of material for a few years, and if they get a good enough fan base, it will catch on for sure.
  • Take two stars of two very successful shows and mix till smooth and heat slowly, a recipe for success? Not yet, but there's definitely potential.

    It seems this season, a lot of shows are released that feature stars from former shows. This necessarily isn't a bad thing, it just generates a sort of expectation that nine out of ten times never will be fulfilled. Usually, the succes of the former shows is never repeated and people are let down.

    So, what do have here? Bradley Cooper, known as Will from "Alias", the journalist reporter who knew too much and eventually had to go into witness protection, thus marking his end in "Alias". To me, he was never the comedical type, but that doesn't mean he can't do it. And then we have Nicholas Brendon, who actually played the comical side-kick Xander in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". And he was funny and integral to the humorous part of Buffy.

    So, does that make KC funny? Don't know yet... it had me laughing a few times, but it tries to be a dark humour kind of show, like "Dead Like Me", and it's not hitting that spot quite yet. Probably, this show has to evolve a bit, but it should not rely on situations like a chopped off finger to create problematic situations and rely more on the cast, which I think is a great one.

  • Very funny show, but still is missing something

    This is a very funny series that if you watch from begginnning to end are sure to laugh. But it's missing one major ingredient. Time.

    I think that all the scenes are usually good. They have good actors, funny writers, and a good idea. But where it really lacks is time. If it was an hour long I think they could really add to the comedy of the show. It just seems like everything is so fast paced I have to almost pause it to laugh so that I don't miss anything.
  • The show isnt\' as funny as i thought it was going to be, but i\'ll give it a chance.

    I dont like that fact that John Choe (milf man,harold and kumar goes to white castle) isn\'t on the credits. Hollywood dising another asian actor. when will we get our chance? =(

    If you guys didnt notice, during episode 2 when they were in the fridge the fan coolers werent\' runnin.
  • When I heard they were making Anthony Bourdain's book into a TV show, I cheered, then I realized it was on network TV...

    I really want this show to do well. I watched the pilot, and I loved it. I think the cast is darn near perfect, and the idea is terrific. Anthony Bourdain's book is brilliant, it offers a look inside of the kitchen, it gives you the insight you don't get just by ordering food.
    The sad thing is, Bourdain swears like a sailor, drinks excessively and has an ongoing love-affair with cigarettes that nearly rivals my own. These are personality quirks that while charming and wonderful on basic cable and even HBO and such, it just won't fly on FOX.
    I think Kitchen Confidential would be better suited on FX. FX took a lot of risks this year with Starved and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 2 darkly comedic shows. Kitchen Confidential has the potential to be like them, only popular. I fear that FOX is going to undermine what made Bourdain's memoir so perfect and funny.
    They didn't screw up in the pilot. The Fish speech was exceptionally Bourdain-like. I hope to see this continue. I really will hate FOX if they cancel this before it gets a chance to spread it's wings. Hopefully they will give it the Arrested Development chance that it deserves.
    I would receommend this show to anyone who enjoys a good comedy. It doesn't hurt that Bradley Cooper is nice to look at and has a supporting cast of easily recognizable faces (James/Jaimie King and Nicholas Brendon (Xander on Buffy) being just 2 of them).
    I wish this show the best of luck. It's worth tuning in to when Monday Night Football goes to commercial break, or when you're team has started to suck so badly you need something to cheer you up! Something's cooking on FOX and I hope they give it more of a chance than Head Cases.
  • The show tries too hard...

    The show tries too hard to be funny and edgy, but I don't think it's working so far. Bradley Cooper is okay in his role, although the writing isn't exactly spectacular, he manages to create a somewhat interesting character. The other actors are left with nothing much to do, so at this point, it's kinda hard to judge them. I guess that my expectations from Darren Star were a bit too high, but considering that Miss Match didn't really work for me I should've suspected. His best work is still Sex and the City and the short-lived Grosse Pointe, which also starred Bonnie Somerville, was another great show. I'll probably watch the next couple of episodes to see what will happen, but I don't think this show will last long, especially considering the ratings for the premiere, but I have to say that I was glad the show doesn't have a laugh track, which is always a plus.
  • This show could be good:) The premise is actually kinda interesting so that could be good.

    I can't figure out if this show is going to be good or not. I watched it the other night, just because I love Bradley Cooper. It was sort of funny I guess. It's had to tell with just one episode under their belt. I would say they have a pretty good cast though. That will probably keep me intriqued for at least a little while. I don't usually watch a lot of comedies so this could be a interesting addition to my weekly lineup.
  • I fresh take on life in the kitchen with biting humor at the expense of one's intent.

    I was skeptical of this show being anything more than a rip off of the classic Food Network show: Iron Chef and the disgusting American version Iron Chef America. The cast is fresh with good talent. My only concern with the first episode was when the over-the-top heterosexual scene when the head chef try’s to be seductive as he interacts with the four drunken women and then later try’s to push off the sexual advances of those women later on is a total straight man fantasy! This type of repellent, degenerative genre needs to be totally restricted from future shows otherwise it will die on the spot.
  • Good new conceot for a sitcom, but needed a better pilot episode.

    I liked the whole \"chef\" thing. The concept of troubles in a restaurant, the fights, and arguments and also funny lines. I liked the cast as well. Nicholas Brandon, Bonnie Sommerville and Brandon Cooper are my faves in this show.
    But I\'m worried cause the ratings were low.
    The first episode was good, but not good enough for a pilot. I don\'t know.. I felt like something is missing.
    But it does seems good and it\'s a good family sitcom and it might save the genre that is already much explored.
    A fresh idea, good cats. Just need better scripts and better lines.
  • This show sees recovering addict/chef Jack Bourdain's attempt to make a come-back with a new restaurant and hand-picked (and appropriately misfit) kitchen staff.

    It's often hard to get a read on new programs, especially comedies. Some of the best shows of all time didn't start out that way (first episode of Seinfeld, anyone?). And while it's not clear where this show will end up, its premiere is certainly promising. The kitchen may be a relatively new locale for a sitcom (do we still call single-camera, half-hour, humorous shows sitcoms?), but otherwise, the premise isn't all that original. Sure, it's more likely to be used in movies (has-been assembles rag-tag group of guys whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts), but it's nothing new. Still, it's a fun premise and very well done.

    The cast is good, led by Bradley Cooper, who almost looks the part and has the somewhat smarmy charm that the role of Jack Bourdain needs. He's surrounded by a group of people, some of whom I’m very glad to see involved in a good project (namely John Francis Daly of why-did-they-cancel-this Freaks of Geeks and Nicholas Brendon, who showed us all he can brilliantly deliver non-laugh-track comedy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

    While this show is certain about Bourdain's success (or otherwise) and that of the restaurant, this is also a story of redemption. It's unclear if Bourdain's story will be heroic or if he will play the anti-hero. Either way works for me, as this first episode has piqued my interest and I will definitely be tuning in for future ones.
  • It could use a little work or maybe a better time slot.

    Fox's own "Kitchen Confidential," a companion piece to "Arrested Development," stops just shy of being a traditional sitcom while leaning on what must now be considered less than cutting-edge techniques: talking to the camera, voice-over, quick-cuts, etc.

    "Kitchen Confidential," based on the life of chef-writer Anthony Bourdain, is funnier than most sitcoms, with little quirks and one-liners that hint at some sharper teeth underneath. In no way, however, is it in the same league as "Arrested Development."

    That's probably why Fox chose it. There's a passable wackiness to "Kitchen Confidential" that gives it some street (or is that critical?) credibility when positioned next to, say, CBS' "Out of Practice."
  • Fave New Sticom so far !!!

    I'm a Buffy fan so was eager to watch both How I Mwt YOur MOther & Kitchen Confidential to see wcich i liked better & as of now i say Kiitchen, The characteres funnier & more likable to me & i founf myself laughing more & looking forward to the next episode. I can see myself adding Kitcehn to my fave show list & it becoming one of my regualrs !!!!
  • The Kitchen needs a little work but much better than some of the new sitcoms i have seen

    I think i would have liked this show more if it had a different time slot. I just find arrested develpment on a different level than this show. Anyway ignoring the fact that the other show exists(not like anyone watches it lol) this show had some great moments. The scene with the finger had me rolling. The cast is an eclectic mix of people that seem like potential for some great humor. The dumb blonde waitress was a personal favorite. I think the show has some potential and i think fox has a great monday night of tv coupled with arrested development and prison break.
  • Perfect match for "Arrested Development" on Monday nights.

    I just watched the first episode and I thought it was REALLY good. Not nearly as funny as I had hoped it would be, but it was only the pilot. Great casting, great acting, great writing, great everything so far. Pairing this with "Arrested Development" was a good move on FOX's part. I hope the ratings are there for both of these shows. I'll definitely keep watching.
  • A new type of comedy that may save the sitcom genre.

    For some time now, sitcoms have for me been a source of pain only outdone by the vulgarity of most reality shows. I would not even consider wasting tape or DVR space on any current sitcoms.

    Kitchen Confidential is totally different. It\'s not a typical office or bar workplace comedy - it\'s a high class restaurant. It is - *gasp* - well-acted and - *double gasp* - really funny, not dependent on jokes or gags obviously thrown in for laughs, but on situations that are believable, amusing and truly come out of the plot seamlessly. The subject matter is a bit risque in places, but in a refreshing way.

    It was great to see Nicholas Brendon and Bradley Cooper on-screen again, and I\'m looking forward to becoming familiar with the rest of the cast. I will actually tape this show every week, because this is one sitcom that deserves to be watched several times.

  • great cast, good plot, real winner.

    a truly enjoyable program with some of my favorite actors from the big and small screens. the cast has a chemistry that radiates from the picture tube and could very well propell this show into greatness like MASH or Cheers. it works, and amazingly well at that.

    my mother is a chef and at various points in my life i have worked as wait staff. the situations in this show are hillarious because they cut close to home. so funny its scary funny.

    this show has the potential to be in the top five of the season.
  • A new and improved BBC's Chef with an edge.

    Always a fan of cooking shows like the Iron Chef, My Restaurant Rules and Hell's Kitchen, finally there is one that is scripted. What is so enjoyable about Kitchen Confidential is it denotes all the issues in a light and funny kind of way. It also exposes some of the realities that chefs have to face.

    The show is fast paced without giving the feeling of rush which is excellent for today's short attention span. If all episodes are as good as the pilot, this will become one of my favourite shows. The show makes me wanna go out there and start cooking!!!
  • Kitchen Confidential, new, fresh, and edgy.

    This show looks like it\\\'s going to be pretty good. It\\\'s got a different and very original plot line that interests me quite a bit. I\\\'m also impressed with the people they got to play the main characters. I\\\'m glad that Nicholas Brendon from Buffy is playing a character in this show. Looks like a fun show overall! :)
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