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  • One if the best comedy series I've seen!

    One if the best comedy series I've seen! Big fan here and I love this show! The writer is brilliant! Please, Bring it back! Air it as well here in the Philippines! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back!
  • What is wrong with Fox? I mean 4 of 13 aired? Do they have a disease that makes them kill the best shows?

    What the hell is wrong with Fox? I mean 4 episodes out of 13 aired? You can hardly get a fanbase in just 4 episodes, and this is was a great show. every character perfect and different, great writing and directing, great actors. They cancel great shows like this and air crap sitcoms that everyone has seen a thousand times, every bad joke mad, every sappy lesson learned. C'mon Fox, give us something new and different and stay with it for ones. Atleast Arrested Development got 3 seasons before they shot it to death. Prison Break was good the first two seasons but now, c'mon. And Prison Preak: Cherry Hill, BARF. BARF hard and in extreme volumes. Goddamn it Fox, get a f-ing clue.

    Bring these shows back;
    Dark Angel
    Kitchen Confidential
    Arrested Development
    Futurama (coming back, finally)
    and I bet there are buttloads more.
  • One of the best Comedy shows ever, SO PLZZZ BRING IT BACK!!!!

    Hilarious, Crazy, Fun, and HOT. one of the best comedy shows i ever saw.
    its very hilarious, you can't stop laughing, they all crazy. and it include comedy, chicks, sex, and food, i can't believe they can cancel such a show lol :D
    and that jack haha i cant believe they can cancel that character.
    and on top of all that, they only made 13 episodes !!! only 13 episodes .. Damn i wish i have more :(
    but as i said and a lot agree with me I'm sure. its one of the best comedy shows, and there is no reason to cancel it!! so i just wish that if its possible to continue this shows, but its canceled, so ... it!!
  • Really great show that needs to have more time for word of mouth to go around!!!

    Ok this I have no understanding what so ever! Why did Fox cancel this show is beyond my comprehension. This was really funny being an actual chef in an actual kitchen. The sad part about this whole thing is that I had no idea about this show until a friend lent me the DVD collection. Maybe if you put it on during a time frame thats good for everyone or actually give it a chance rather than letting it go for 4 episodes and then saying bye bye your not doing good enough for us. I mean C'mon Fox pull your heads out of your you know whats. Alot of people have been wanting this show to come back on so would it be that bad to put it back on as a trial. You did it with Family Guy so do it with K.C.
  • A comedy

    I didn\'t realize how awesome this show was until it was too late. Fox cancelled it after airing only 4 episodes when there were already 13 episodes made and ready to go!!! I don\'t understand why they couldn\'t just air the remaining 9 episodes... it\'s not like they had something else better lined up to take it\'s place!!! First Firefly, now this. They\'re really good at cancelling really good shows that shouldn\'t be cancelled! Brad is awesome and so is the rest of the cast (especially Nicholas, John Cho, Owain & John Daly) Please please please bring it back!!!
  • Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!

    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
  • Briliant cast and great script. I'm a big fan of this series.

    It was exactly what one of the character said in the pilot episode: "where money and food come to have sex". It's just too bad that it was aired on a wrong network. Darren Star produce this, combine with a great ensamble. If they choose HBO or Cinemax, this show will florish. It's so far my favorite tv series of all time.
  • Why oh why oh why was this brilliant show cancelled?? I have been rewatching the few episodes that actually aired, and they have me in stitches.

    Kitchen confidential is based loosely based on the life of chef Anthony Bourdain. Bradley Cooper (Will from Alias) play Jack Bourdain who has been given a second chance to run his own restaurant after a life of sex, drugs and rock n' roll.

    Jack manages a colorful gang of restauranteurs. Steve is the tough british kitchen handyman, Jimmy (Sam from Freaks and Geeks) is the chef in training who gets teased and tormented by his peers, and Seth (Xander from Buffy) is the goofy pastry chef, and various others. Each character is unique and completely loveable.

    And the writing... its hilarious and unexpected. I can't remember the last time a tv show made me laugh this much. We need more shows like this on tv! If only Fox had given this gem a chance, I'm sure it would have found the audience it deserved. Bring it back!!
  • loosly based on the book Kitchen Confidential by Chef Anthony Bourdain. Spans a chef career and devulges secrets from the culinary underbelly.

    Why in the world would they cancel this show, it was the most interesting piece of television I\'ve seen in a long time, besides family guy. I think Fox can\'t tell quality TV when they see it. I mean they cancelled Kitchen Confidential after like 5 shows and it was fantastic, but they\'re still making a piece of crap like Prison Break? Where\'s the justice?
  • Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was and i would like to say is one of the best shows which came out last year, instead of keeping other crap they should resusitate this amazing show!11 Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not cancelled totally

    I found out that the show is still running in Austrailia. So if you can \"find\" it, have fun! I had to say it was a happy suprise to me :) And now to fill out my minimum of 50 words.
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  • So true, so true...

    As a chef, I found this show a welcome insight into professional kitchens, albiet a bit sugar-coated for the masses. Still, I really enjoyed watching this. It's a shame that FOX is cancelling it. Hopefully, they'll release any other episodes that are still in the can. You'll be missed, Nolita!
  • It it disappointing that this show has been cancelled.

    I am so disappointed that this show was cancelled. It did not have a fair shot with only four episodes airing. I thought this show was original and very funny. Each character was original and each were funny in there own way. It showed hope for Bradley Cooper, who I watched in Alias, and also Nicholas Brenden from Buffy. I enjoyed the crazy schemes they came up with each week. I was looking forward for it to come back after November, but was disappointed to learn I will only get to watch one episode (which rated poorly) and then it is just over. There are not enough good sitcoms on this season and FOX just cancelled one of them.
  • I had to watch to see Nicholas Brendon. The pilot was in love at first site. It was very witty and story line was good. It has gotten better with each episode. I want to see more of it!

    The pilot was funny and set up a good feel for what to expect for the show. It has a different feeling then the other shows that are out this season and I really enjoy watching it. I even keep it on TIVO so I can go back and watch it again.
  • WOW!! Somebody thought of a new idea that didn't involve the term 'reality'

    Finally, a refreshing change for TV. Somebody finally sat down and created a show that is funny and new. I was begining to think the TV industry was going the same direction of movies and music - producing crap (a.k.a. any thing in the 'reality' genere) and then blaming the internet and consumers for falling sales/profit. The characters are believable and the situations plausable. Writers take note!! We want more shows like this one. Well not exactly like it but you get the picture, right?
  • Perfect match for "Arrested Development" on Monday nights.

    I just watched the first episode and I thought it was REALLY good. Not nearly as funny as I had hoped it would be, but it was only the pilot. Great casting, great acting, great writing, great everything so far. Pairing this with "Arrested Development" was a good move on FOX's part. I hope the ratings are there for both of these shows. I'll definitely keep watching.
  • great cast, good plot, real winner.

    a truly enjoyable program with some of my favorite actors from the big and small screens. the cast has a chemistry that radiates from the picture tube and could very well propell this show into greatness like MASH or Cheers. it works, and amazingly well at that.

    my mother is a chef and at various points in my life i have worked as wait staff. the situations in this show are hillarious because they cut close to home. so funny its scary funny.

    this show has the potential to be in the top five of the season.
  • even though Fox has declined to pickup the rest of the season, all is not lost - if Family Guy, a show ahead of its time, can come back due to popular demand, so can Kitchen Confidential!

    Everybody claims Kitchen Confidential is "underappreciated" and is an "absolutely fabulous" show. It is. The problem is that the average joe isn't hooked onto a kitchen-based show to start off with. That's why Iron Chef has to be shown on the Food Network and not any of the major networks. But obviously those that watch this show have developed into a cult-like following, so keep getting your friends to watch it, and maybe down the road it'll come back!
  • A new type of comedy that may save the sitcom genre.

    For some time now, sitcoms have for me been a source of pain only outdone by the vulgarity of most reality shows. I would not even consider wasting tape or DVR space on any current sitcoms.

    Kitchen Confidential is totally different. It\'s not a typical office or bar workplace comedy - it\'s a high class restaurant. It is - *gasp* - well-acted and - *double gasp* - really funny, not dependent on jokes or gags obviously thrown in for laughs, but on situations that are believable, amusing and truly come out of the plot seamlessly. The subject matter is a bit risque in places, but in a refreshing way.

    It was great to see Nicholas Brendon and Bradley Cooper on-screen again, and I\'m looking forward to becoming familiar with the rest of the cast. I will actually tape this show every week, because this is one sitcom that deserves to be watched several times.

  • No sense writing much now. But they didn't give this show a chance. Great characters, setting, eye candy both m and f, flair, writing... The setup was a little bit intricate, which meant it needed a chance and some good promotion. It was actually

    No sense writing a lot now. But they didn't give this show a chance. Great characters, setting, eye candy both m and f, flair, writing...
    The setup was a little bit intricate, which meant it needed a chance and some good promotion. It was actually funny, which set it apart.
    Fox deserves credit for buying it, but i really think they could have sold it better.
  • French Fight. Very fast paced and clever

    The scary baker was a nice touch.

    You know that the line between genius and insanity is very close!!

    Thought that Mimi was finally shown to be a little less stiff and more human.

    Hysterical when she came in with her hair all tousled.

    Too bad Fox doesn't get it.

    This show is fresh and a hoot to watch.

    We will miss it!!!
  • It's Sex and The City for chefs.

    I love this show! Kitchen Confidential is funny, sexy and a absolute delight to watch. I liked Bradley Cooper well enough in Alias but I absolutely loved him in this show. He\'s supported by a great cast as well including, British Bonnie Sommerville and Owain Yeoman. It's such a shame it got cancelled without even a proper first season. The cast and crew of this show deserve so much better. But I guess this just goes to show how much of a rarity good taste is these days. I just really hope they come out with a DVD of all 13 episodes plus a few featurettes. I would absolutely buy the DVD.
  • A great well written show that needs to be watched, I hope Fox doesn't cancel it.

    Poor show it's getting killed in the ratings, people need to watch this. It is hilarous. Bradley Cooper is super funny e has this knack for comedy that was so underused on Alias. Plus I'm so glad to see Nicholas Brendon has a job again. Great cast that works well together and a creative concept that doesn't come off cheesy or pretentious. If you're trying to choose which Buffy alum to support support Nicky and tape Alyson's How I met your mom... Kitchen needs the support.
  • When I heard they were making Anthony Bourdain's book into a TV show, I cheered, then I realized it was on network TV...

    I really want this show to do well. I watched the pilot, and I loved it. I think the cast is darn near perfect, and the idea is terrific. Anthony Bourdain's book is brilliant, it offers a look inside of the kitchen, it gives you the insight you don't get just by ordering food.
    The sad thing is, Bourdain swears like a sailor, drinks excessively and has an ongoing love-affair with cigarettes that nearly rivals my own. These are personality quirks that while charming and wonderful on basic cable and even HBO and such, it just won't fly on FOX.
    I think Kitchen Confidential would be better suited on FX. FX took a lot of risks this year with Starved and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 2 darkly comedic shows. Kitchen Confidential has the potential to be like them, only popular. I fear that FOX is going to undermine what made Bourdain's memoir so perfect and funny.
    They didn't screw up in the pilot. The Fish speech was exceptionally Bourdain-like. I hope to see this continue. I really will hate FOX if they cancel this before it gets a chance to spread it's wings. Hopefully they will give it the Arrested Development chance that it deserves.
    I would receommend this show to anyone who enjoys a good comedy. It doesn't hurt that Bradley Cooper is nice to look at and has a supporting cast of easily recognizable faces (James/Jaimie King and Nicholas Brendon (Xander on Buffy) being just 2 of them).
    I wish this show the best of luck. It's worth tuning in to when Monday Night Football goes to commercial break, or when you're team has started to suck so badly you need something to cheer you up! Something's cooking on FOX and I hope they give it more of a chance than Head Cases.
  • This show sees recovering addict/chef Jack Bourdain's attempt to make a come-back with a new restaurant and hand-picked (and appropriately misfit) kitchen staff.

    It's often hard to get a read on new programs, especially comedies. Some of the best shows of all time didn't start out that way (first episode of Seinfeld, anyone?). And while it's not clear where this show will end up, its premiere is certainly promising. The kitchen may be a relatively new locale for a sitcom (do we still call single-camera, half-hour, humorous shows sitcoms?), but otherwise, the premise isn't all that original. Sure, it's more likely to be used in movies (has-been assembles rag-tag group of guys whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts), but it's nothing new. Still, it's a fun premise and very well done.

    The cast is good, led by Bradley Cooper, who almost looks the part and has the somewhat smarmy charm that the role of Jack Bourdain needs. He's surrounded by a group of people, some of whom I’m very glad to see involved in a good project (namely John Francis Daly of why-did-they-cancel-this Freaks of Geeks and Nicholas Brendon, who showed us all he can brilliantly deliver non-laugh-track comedy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

    While this show is certain about Bourdain's success (or otherwise) and that of the restaurant, this is also a story of redemption. It's unclear if Bourdain's story will be heroic or if he will play the anti-hero. Either way works for me, as this first episode has piqued my interest and I will definitely be tuning in for future ones.
  • I like this show

    Love it. I work in a kitchen and i know that the chefs can be axactly like the ones in this show. The actors are great for the roles they play. Its amazing that it has such an easy plot that nobody came up with the idea for this show before.
  • This show is amazing!

    It needs a second chance, if it was given another season on a reasonable day and time and it'll be a smash hit... It's hilarious! It was very ahead of it's time and FOX dropped it before it really took off. If they gave it another chance it would take off. If you haven't seen it, find a way too, I don't know if it's on DVD but it's worth a buy, not a rent, a buy, it's that good. This show is very original and unlike any other show on television and it's just as intelligent as it is dim-witted comedy. It can appeal to ALL!
  • Welcome to the world of your professional kitchens. Anthony Bourdain is a chef and writer who tells of his experiences in the culinary world. If you haven’t read Kitchen Confidential, I hope this series will peak your interest.

    Welcome to one side of the culinary world, told from the world of a chef and cook. Welcome to Fox Networks, where no series is sacred and just because you recorded a show doesn’t mean it has a chance at airing. Bitterness aside from Fox’s treatment towards this series, this show rocks.

    Have you watched A Cooks Tour? No Reservations? Stuck to Emeril, Rachel Ray, and Bobby Flay? Then you don’t know cooking. Anthony Bourdain lives food and loves to share his experiences. This show focuses on his book Kitchen Confidential and the exploits of running a kitchen. If you think the cooks behind the kitchen doors are working happily preparing your food, think again. It’s often a dog-eat-dog world and the customer is often wrong… but that’s why the cooks are in the kitchen and there’s the wait staff.

    It’s sad the ratings didn’t go higher but I’m bitterly happy it seems the episodes are airing in Australia. I can’t wait to watch the rest of this series and hope it makes it to DVD to survive the fate of so many Fox axes.
  • St. Lawrence the Deacon is the patron saint of cooks and why can't a kitchen-based sitcom catch a break?

    This series, based on Chef Anthony Bourdain's first book of memoirs (of the same name), this is probably the most accurate fictional representation of a professional kitchen that I've ever seen. In my 10 years thusfar cooking professionally, I've seen similar instances of hazing, chefs trying to sleep with waitresses, chefs trying to sleep with each other (heheh...been there...unsuccessfully), absentee owners (although Pino was one of the more informed ones), grueling injuries (again, been there), and pain-in-the-ass customers.

    I suppose that's why I thought this series was so great...on the other hand, I can also understand why it was cancelled. The show is just a bit too esoteric for the general public. Also, as a chef, I think there are really certain inside aspects of the business that I'd rather the customer not know about.

    However, a great show nonetheless. The characters in the show, while not necessarily based on specific real people, are definitely archetypes that usually pop up in professional kitchens.
  • Jack Bourdain has had his share of bad luck but all that is about to change when the boss of Nolita restaurant requires his services. He gathers back his old crew from past restaurants and begins to start his kitchen again.

    Bloody hell, that show was something special if you ask me. I mean, not that kind of show with a laugh track which magically has to go off at the slightest, lamest joke. No, Kitchen Confidential didn't need a laugh track, the dialogue itself was that extra something that people needed, the actors were hilarious in their respective roles and the quirky situations that they got involved in was throughly entertaining. Luckily, Network Seven in Australia aired all the episodes and now the lost episodes are floating somewhere in the Internet. I guess people these days don't want an intelligent comedy. People who were priveliged to watch this should cherish this moment, as there won't be something this good for a very long time.
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