Kitchen Confidential

Monday 8:30 PM on FOX Premiered Sep 19, 2005 In Season


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  • It figures, Fox cancels a good show like this, and keeps garbage like Trading Spouses on the air.

    Kitchen Confidential may not have the greatest show in history, but it was good. I watched each week, and enjoyed it. The episode with John Larroquette was great. Kitchen offered good writing, interesting characters and good movement. The show flowed very well with no stops that could distract you from the comedy. This would be an example of a show that should be allowed to continue, but Fox drops it, and continues garbage like Trading Spouses. Heaven forbid you might let the audience enjoy a little intelligent comedy, instead of cramming down their throats another reality show. We already have to endure way too many commercials just to watch t.v., let alone get stuck with bad shows on top of it.

    Please bring back Kitchen Confidential. Some of us are sick and tired of mind numbing, brain cell stealing shows like Trading Spouses, and would prefer a good comedy.