Kitchen Confidential

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • Kitchen Confidential, cancelled after 13 episodes. Now thats TV Tragedy! This great show needs to find an audience and make a come back.

    I understand why people may have been reluctant to try this show out. Restaurant kitchens are not fun places at all, i\\\'ve worked in some in my time. Hence I wasn\\\'t too bothered when I heard about this Kitchen comedy but I was surprised by this show. Pleasently.

    The characters were great, especially Nicholas Brendan (aka Xander Harris from Buffy) and John Cho (aka MILF dude from American Pie or Harold from Harold and Kumar) who have an amazing on screen chemistry and really made me and my friends laugh a lot. These two NEED to wrok together more because they are gold. I admit, in my eyes this show is not as funny as Scrubs, but it is damn close and that means its a winner (In my eyes).

    This is a funny funny show thats now been canned after only a few episodes. What is the world coming to? Can nothing be a slow burner? Can word of mouth not spread before money grabbing executives replace it with, get this, Skating with Celebrities.. Skating With Celebrities??? Reality TV adds another casualty to its slaughter of modern culture and human dignity. To think a promising comedy show with unbelievably talented actors got dropped for \\\"skating with celebrities\\\" insults me to my core and makes me think how sad it is that the masses would rather watch second rate celebs in a formulaic reality tv show than a work of comedy art. Come on world, we have a better culture to us than that. Bring Kitchen Confidential back.