Kitchen Confidential

Monday 8:30 PM on FOX Premiered Sep 19, 2005 In Season


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  • Jack Bourdain has had his share of bad luck but all that is about to change when the boss of Nolita restaurant requires his services. He gathers back his old crew from past restaurants and begins to start his kitchen again.

    Bloody hell, that show was something special if you ask me. I mean, not that kind of show with a laugh track which magically has to go off at the slightest, lamest joke. No, Kitchen Confidential didn't need a laugh track, the dialogue itself was that extra something that people needed, the actors were hilarious in their respective roles and the quirky situations that they got involved in was throughly entertaining. Luckily, Network Seven in Australia aired all the episodes and now the lost episodes are floating somewhere in the Internet. I guess people these days don't want an intelligent comedy. People who were priveliged to watch this should cherish this moment, as there won't be something this good for a very long time.