Kitchen Confidential

Season 1 Episode 8

Teddy Takes Off

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • A Teddy-centered episode, in which he quits for the 17th time from Jack's kitchen because of his sensitive ego.

    Another hilarious and manic episode for Kitchen Confidential. The Teddy centered episode is great, as we get to see his full comedic chops. The best sequence was from the narration to Tanya about what happens everytime Teddy quits. The whole yelling at the fish while cooking it is hilarious. Then, the ending where Teddy comes back in the late afternoon around 5pm, and him and Jack making up without even saying a word was great. They acted it out perfectly, with Teddy walking in with sunglasses and half-hung over and Jack quickly looking around and then giving him a pound.

    The rest was interesting, Jack was back to his ego-maniacal self riding high on being featured in Food and Wine magazine for his sesame crusted Yellowfin tuna. "There's an emulsion, or a glaze, or something that Teddy did." "Talented little bugger ain't he" Great writing.

    The ending brings it home, as it eschews the normal cliched learning of a moral lesson or understanding each other better part. It's just, we need him, and we're going to get him.

    Definitely recommend this episode for the fans of Teddy, and to get another sense of the camaraderie of a group of crazy guys in the kitchen.
  • Jack needs to get off his horse. It isn't high.

    After all that arrogance you'd think that Jack would learn. But of course, people with that much arrogance never learn no matter how much damage it causes. Jack should have fixed it. He never should have let Teddy walk out the door. Did it give them a plot for another episode? Yes. Did it make me respect Jack more? No. Eventually I'll just be watching for the sake of actor nostalgia and because when something only has 13 episodes you might as well finish it. I just wish they would stop getting rid of all the guest stars I like and would stop making the main actors have characters I soon won't want to watch.