Kitchen Confidential

Season 1 Episode 9

The Robbery

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Unknown on FOX



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    • Steven: Think of the models, Jack. We have to help the models!
      Jack: Do you listen to yourself?
      Steven: I try not to.

    • Jack: I jinxed myself by enjoying my success.
      Steven: That's ridiculous! That's like saying the room is not filled with cupcakes and then we're up to our necks in cupcakes!
      Jack: Are you baked right now?
      Steven: A little, yeah.

    • Seth: (Looking into a bag with his winnings) Is that all twenty-eight thousand?
      Bookie: Yeah, as per you requested in small bills. So you can roll around in it.

    • (Mimi walks inside the kitchen looking distressed)
      Jack: Hey Mimi, why aren't you at Margie's table?
      Mimi: Because I can't take it anymore. She's making all these unreasonable demands and I'm being groped from all sides. It's like I fell into a tank at Sea World.

    • (After Jim saves Teddy from the robbers, Teddy feels he owes Jim)
      Teddy: (Teddy holds a knife in his hand) Here, it's high carbon Japanese steel with an ergonomic handle. Take it.
      Jim: Teddy. Gosh. I told you, you don't owe me anything, okay. I don't want your knives, I don't want anything. Except...
      Teddy: What? Tell me? Tell me what you want so I can finally be free, man.
      Jim: Teach me fugu.
      Teddy: Blowfish? No way. It's not even legal. It took me two years to get my fugu license and that's only good in Japan.
      Jim: You said I could have anything.
      Teddy: Not that. Or sex with me. Not those two things.
      Jim: You owe me.
      Teddy: (annoyed) I knew it.

    • Seth: You know, I feel a little bad that things are going so great for me and things are going so poorly for Jack.
      Teddy: If you feel so guilty, why don't you give him some of your winnings?
      Seth: Is this really about money or is this about something much deeper?

    • Jack: (narrating) Look, we all know nothing in life is easy. So, sometimes when your luck runs out, you gotta be willing to dig down deep, stare fortune in the face... and lie like a rug.

    • (A robber holds Jack and Steven hostage and runs inside the kitchen)
      Jack: He's by himself in the kitchen. Go get him.
      Steven: You go get him.
      Jack: What?
      Steven: I'm a sous-chef, not Rambo.

    • Seth: Teddy, wow, big night. Hey speaking of money, how much do you have?
      Teddy: What do you mean? On me?
      Seth: No, no, no. In the world.
      Teddy: Ah, I'm out. Whatever it is, I am out.
      Seth: Come on man, gambling's in your blood.
      Teddy: Oh right, right, right. 'Cause I'm Asian. I also own my own dojo and my pockets are full of firecrackers.
      Seth: You know what, you can just say no. You don't have to insult me.

    • (referring to a bet that Teddy disapproved of)
      Seth: Woo-hoo! Handsome Last came in. Ten to one! I should've bet more.
      Teddy: What bet? I thought you were broke.
      Seth: Yeah, yeah. Except for that twenty bucks I may have borrowed from your wallet.

    • Jack: (narrating) Here's the thing about being a leader. Everybody takes their cues from you. So no matter what curve ball fate throws you, you can never let them see you sweat.

    • (Seth and the other chefs are being robbed. He drops his credit card into a bag)
      Seth: Take it, take it. They're all maxed out anyway.

    • (After Jack's speech jeers up the staff)
      Teddy: Man's got a gift.
      Seth: I love that guy.
      Jim: He's healing us with his words.
      Steven: In another scenario, that could've got him laid.

    • Steven: You look like the cat that did the canary.
      Jack: Come on. This might be the best night of my life. How much better can it get?
      Steven: Apparently, you've never done it with twins.

    • Jack: (narrating) Here's the thing about New York City, it's a city of small apartments and even smaller kitchens. Which is why New Yorkers love to eat out. And the good news is, their favorite restaurants start to feel like home.

  • Notes

    • This episode features the second, and final appearance of Tony the hot dog vendor.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: May 19, 2006
      Norway: November 25, 2007
      Czech Republic: December 4, 2011 on Prima COOL

  • Allusions

    • Rambo

      When Steven tells Jack that he is a 'sous-chef, not Rambo' refers to the movie series, 'Rambo'. The story is about a Vietnam War veteran, played by Sylvester Stallone, who is skilled in guerrilla warfare. The film has been criticized for its strong, mindless violence.