Kitchen Nightmares

Season 5 Episode 16

Amy's Baking Company

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 10, 2013 on FOX

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  • Un-f*cking-believable

    "Kitchen Nightmares" has had a lot of hilarious, entertaining episodes, but nothing came up short against this wonderfully amazing episode. With too many a-h*les in this world, you would think that no one could be this delusional and stupid. Well, my fine friends, meet the owners of Amy's Baking Company, a restaurant so f*cking bad it makes me wanna punch my computer monitor.

    Right out of the gate, this episode starts with a shocking dinner service (1 day before Gordon Ramsay's appearance), and it's hilarious. Shocking, but hilarious. It is revealed that Amy can't take criticism and her husband, Sammy (who is, by the way, a f*cking moron) protects her from the bad reception their food gets. Most important thing to mention is the tips, which Sammy and her whore illegally steal from the customers. Not only that, but Amy only makes the food for one ticket at a time, and obviously, that leads to long waits for customers. That's f*cking stupid. There's a guy waiting for his pizza for one f*cking hour and while Amy mocks his complaints, her husband starts shouting insults to the guy and claims that he has to pay. Lol, pay for what? What a joke! When he and his friend start leaving, Sammy insists on getting the money, and that's the moment where I wanted to kill the owners, the moment where Amy says she is going to call the police. Ok first thing, you can't call the police because the men didn't do anything wrong. If anything, the owners did, so calling the police would just make Amy and Sammy taste their own medicine and secondly, it would sensational to see the police arresting Sammy for keeping the tips. Sammy orders her wife not to call the cops, and banishes the men from their restaurant. There's also customers who complain about the food and Sammy's like: "Ok, if you came to it to enjoy it, you should know what you like to eat so". Dude, he's saying that the Caesar is tasteless and is undercooked. How the f*ck are you going to eat something that's undercooked and raw? *Sigh*

    One day after, Gordon Ramsay finally arrives to Amy's Baking Company and while he praises the restaurant's sanitary condition and the desserts, the menu item and the owners' personality keep being awful as ever. When Gordon sends the pizza back to the kitchen, Sammy doesn't tell Amy what's the complaint, because he knows that she will freak out, instead of taking criticism. It's so ridiculous.

    Hours later, Gordon goes to the restaurant to see how they do in the dinner service, and Amy keeps telling herself that her food is excellent. Even though there's a chef who was awarded with 16 michelin stars telling her what's wrong with the food and every customer sending back the food to the kitchen, she keeps insisting on her version. It's f*cking annoying. The tattered excuse she gives as to why the customers are always complaining is ludicrous. Yeah, everyone is trying to set her up and f*ck up with her life for no reason. Yeah, that totally makes sense. She fires the 16-year old waitress because she asked this: "Are you sure?".


    One day later, Gordon goes talk with some former employees and I was shocked to know that the restaurant went through with too many staff members. Incredible. Ramsay goes to the restaurant and talks with Amy, but she's so stubborn. So Ramsay does one thing that he never did in other Kitchen Nightmare episodes: He walks away, and the show ends. Ramsay correctly explains why the owners are hopeless and leaves.

    This episode is beyond amazing, it is unbelievable. I loved every single minute of it, and I loved the reaction to Amy's ret*rdation. I love it.

  • Hard to believe...

    that this is for real...

    Makes me wonder why people like Amy % Sam are still free...
  • What a Total Psycho

    Amy and Samy Bouzaglo are the biggest nutjobs in the history of the planet and outright criminal too. they swear at customers that don't like their food and are deluded to the point where anyone who writes a bad review of them on the internet are considered online bullies. Amy fired a waitress just for asking a legitimate question concerning what table the food would go to and Amy even called the waitress a poisonous little viper. That waitress was only 16 years old, and Amy made her cry. Samy even takes tips from the servers which is ILLEGAL.

    I'm glad Gordon had the sense to walk away from this restaurant.
  • A trully stuning episode!

    This is the first time Gordon has walked away from a restaurant...
  • Any's barking mad!

    Exceptionally unprofessional. There is no way a business will survive with behavior from owners like these two. Major issues . . . I don't know how Gordon kept his cool!
  • Unbelievable but True

    Unlike the show "Restaurant Stakeout" which is staged and fake, This show is real, and this episode was the best yet. Talk about a Nightmare, What a meltdown. I have worked in a dozen restaurants, but this takes the cake. Unbelievable. Chef Ramsay is Awesome!!!!