Kitchen Nightmares

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 11, 2008 on FOX

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  • Guest star Dee Snider

    Average episode with a dirty refrigerator, a boss that can't take criticism and a chef who doesn't want to be one. Special guest star was Dee Snider from Twisted Sister. The owners wife seemed a little out of it at times.
  • good episode...

    Gordon goes to a restaurant called Handlebar and attempts to help it get back in shape. The chef doesn't care about cooking and the owner lacks leadership. In the end, of course, Gordon turns things around and the restaurant looks like it'll be successful. I thought it was funny that Dee Snider showed up. I just wasn't expecting that. Thank goodness he got good food to eat, because the food Ramsey got was ... weird. Overall, this was a good start to the season (because I don't count the revisiting as an episode) with an interesting restaurant and group of people working there.
  • An average episode that could have been better with a better resturant owner.

    Gordon Ramsey, god I feel bad for him this time, goes to the Handlebar in some town in New York. The Handlebar suffers from a bad 80's decor, a chef who doesn't care nor have the love of food (she never had it), a wait staff that doesn't care nor want to care. The worst of it all is that the resturant suffers from an owner that is obvilous to it all, and when confronted with it runs away because he didn't get a pat on the back for "all of the work he did to improve it." I sat dumbfounded that Gordon Ramsey continued on trying to improve this joint when the owner ran away when confronted with the stark reality. I guess the owners wife did show up, but from what I got from it, she doesn't really run the place nor knows how to. She gave it her best effort though, and I have to give her that. I wonder why the show continued on, I would think they would have it written into the contract they enter into with whatever resturant that they can pull out if the owner quits or shows extreme lack of (for lack of better words) want to improve his/her place. There are thousands of resturant owners that would die for this opportunity and they stumble across this idiot who could careless and wants a pat on the back for what he has done to improve this dump. To Gordon's credit and perservereance and need not to fail (he has famously failed with one of his resturants and was devistated emotionly by it), he turns this craphole into a nice pub style resturant with the owners wife. Strangely enough the owner shows back up after the wife calls him and tells him what an opportunity they have with Gordon there. From what we are shown the Handlebar gets turned around by Gordon and thanks to the owners wife. The chef finds a like of food to cook enough too. But if the owner doesn't turn his attitude around for good this will never succeed. This over all was a very disappointing episode as I think someone got an opportunity that the did deserve nor looks like he will follow through with. I wish the show would have pulled up the stakes and went elsewhere when they had the chance.