Kitchen Nightmares

Season 1 Episode 5

Olde Stone Mill

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on FOX
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Chef Gordon Ramsay takes on the challenge of helping Dean and his wife out by attempting to turn around the Olde Stone Mill restaurant located in Tuckahoe, New York. The restaurant has been renovated in the front of the house, but not in the kitchen when it comes to the horrible food.moreless

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  • Ramsey has a lot of patience with this arrogant owner

    For such a quick tempered man, Ramsey has a lot of patience with this arrogant owner. I'd have just walked away from this and let him and his business drown in his own ego.
  • At the Old Stone Mill, Gordon Ramsay met head on with a strong willed Italian/American businessman. Convincing him another Italian restaurant was the last thing this town needed required not only Ramsay's tough love, it was psychology at its finest!moreless

    I am a fan of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and this was the first episode of Kitchen Nightmares USA that I've had the shear pleasure to watch. I was NOT disappointed. This episode kept me enthralled! During the first 10 minutes or so, I was a bit worried...I felt that Ramsay's gruff crituques were maybe a bit harsher than what I had been used to seeing at such an early start in the program. It seemed almost as though Gordon was ready for a confrontation before it was warranted. It made me feel sympathy for the owner even as I looked at the food that didn't even FILM appealing, let alone what it must have tasted like. (I reminded myself that there were probably yards of footage that had been edited out already and I gave Gordon the benefit of the doubt.) As the show progressed and Ramsay did his "homework" and learned that the town had more than its share of Italian restaurants and the owner began to buck every good idea for change, you could just feel the tensions grow. I truly thought it may become physical at times and I was on the edge of my chair! I felt like the owner feared losing HIS identity with the restaurant and if he agreed to the COMPLETE change of menu, it would label his restaurant as a Gordon Ramsay Creation. And that's when I saw Gordon's wonderful warm brand of psychology sliding in. When Gordon revealed the new "Old Stone Mill" sign actually made with stone it showed great care and thought. It showed the owner he wasn't changing the exterior decor in any way to diminish the owners vision. Gordon also got his way of identifying the restaurant's new launch by putting "Steak House" in smaller letters to the side. Great Psychology! Then, as they entered the restaurant the first thing to greet the owners were the pictures that Gordon found in the attic. Pictures of the owner "working" so hard at the revitalization of the restaurant. Another great piece of psychology! That is where it all happens in the heart of a business owner, during the renovation process when you dream it and make it happen! That is what no owner wants taken away. By displaying those photos in such a beautiful way, showed the owner Gordon was NOT trying to take away his identity and credit. In fact, that gesture actually enhanced it. It let his customers see in frames, all of the love, sweat and tears it took to create the beautiful restaurant. It was magic seeing the transformation on the face of the owner as it was finally sinking in that Gordon truly wanted to HELP him. As a prior business owner, I can associate with all that had happened in this episode. I loved this one!moreless
  • Olde Stone Mill

    I happy to say Ramsay has reformed another Resturant again to get them out of the hell hole they have put them self into. Keep up the great work as I love to watch it..I can't not wait to see the next one next month. I also love his shows called Hell's Kitchen as that is another great one he has going too. People wake up and smell the coffee. It's time the owners need to take a long hard look how things are run..but having a no brainer Mangers to help run a place and try to pass it off as if it is there own..well it's not..but for the owners to let this happen cause they are scared to let them go..hey your place can do better with out them. They have to be a team leader and it's is what makes it run great. The looks of a nice clean Resturant and good food is what it makes to have a good running Resturant by far. No one should feel like a coward and feel and wonder why they don't have customers. You have to feel good about yourself as well feel good that your place is going to be as good as the next Resturant or even better.moreless
  • Another super ego bites the dust

    Chef Ramsay does it again, he turns a nothing restaurant back into one with potential. I loved watching the master at work here doing all the homework that the owners should have done. He basically found in the town you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting an Italian restaurant. When he went into the butcher shop he found out that there were no steakhouses and everyone there leaves red meat. And yet the owner was still iffy when presented with this news. Its not untilafter the transformation and the mayor arrives for dinner that he realizes (boops head) oh yeah this will work. Sometimes ( in these cases all the time) a little common sense goes a long way.moreless
  • Gordon goes to Tuckahoe, NY to fix another dying resturant

    So Gordon Ramsey rides in to Tuckahoe, NY to fix a resturant called the Olde Stone Mill. My inital impression of this episode was that Gordon Ramsey is great again in another episode, the resturant owner is another putz that needs to have his ego checked, and the cook is plain and needs to be inspired. The Olde Stone Mill was bought by this cocky owner and was converted from a old mill to a resturant. Apparently the owners bought the place by themselves with no other investors, how smart that was is evident. Never buy into something alone, share the profits and losses. This owner is cocky, he believes he is the best resturantuer ever. However he freely admits that no one is coming into his resturant. So how does that make him the best ever?!?! He is also a control freak that sends out sub-standard food from his kitchen. The cook seems uninspired and freely admits he wouldn't eat his own food. The Server is a putz and a half that doesn't know what he is doing. The owner is hiding ALL of his debt from his wife?!?! Why does she put up with this?! Gordon to the resuce!!!! Too bad he passes the place up initalally!!! He didn't even realize the building was a resturant. A beautiful building with no resturant signing. The server ISN't sure that Gordon Ramsey could help the resturant! Is he kidding?! The Hostess is maddly attracted to him... Gordon doesn't like the food, no surprise there. But the cook still hopes Gordon likes one or all of the dishes. What a joke. The owner thinks Gordon is embarassing him, however we all know Gordon only wants to help people deep down after you get past all of his gruff exterior. The owner is extremely angry because Gordon is being honest about how horrible the food is, but is that really a surprise? After Gordon observes the back of the kitchen and the front of the house, he is deeply disappointed. After touring the town, Gordon realizes there is no steakhouses in town and everyone wants one. So, he changes the menu courses to steak dishes, however... The owner is nervious and isn't sure about the change. After Gordon convinces the owner to go along with his changes everything seems to be working out. We aren't shown a follow-up from the resturant so we are left to guess that everything is doing great. Hopefully Gordon got through to this cocky owner and his putzy staff and they put out great food with a great attitude and smile now after Gordon took his time to help these people. Overall we could tell that Gordon didn't really like anyone in this resturant like he normally does. Normally Gordon latches on to someone and really wants to help them. Gordon definately helped this resturant but did he like doing it? I got the feeling that he didn't because he could tell that he wasn't appreciated by the owner. Overall this was a good episode with great moments. Again, Gordon Ramsey is a must watch because of his dedication and love of food and to some degree people.moreless

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    • The Olde Stone Mill was built in the early 1800's as a cotton mill. In 1853, it was turned into a rubber products manufacturer, that made rubber rain coats for the soldiers in WWI. In 1925, it housed a pharmaceutical company.

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    • Original International Airdates:
      - Denmark: June 3, 2008 on TV3
      - Slovakia: September 7, 2012 on JOJ

    • In addition to owning and operating the Olde Stone Mill, owner Dean Marrazzo is also an actor having previously been on television soap operas Guiding Light and As The World Turns. He has also appeared in films such as A Cup of Coffee and Full Circle.