Kitchen Nightmares

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2007 on FOX
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Gordon Ramsay visits a family-run Italian restaurant in Babylon, NY that's being run into the ground by Peter, the hot-tempered manager and co-owner.

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  • Funny episode!

    Lots of laughs here where the dumb as bricks co-owner thinks he's a mafia godfather!
  • Ramsey Curse? (Peter's)

    The reason why I say "Ramsey's Curse" because it looks like every restaurant that he went to closed after he left. Peter's in Babylon, New York closed later after taping the first episode. Why? Was it the owner? The economy? (with 2008 and 2009 and the recession, there's a possibility with this). People were after the owner and he was behind his taxes? All of the above? Because this isn't the first restaurant to go under once Ramsay left. There are others that I'll be posting, so it looks like I'll be busy making these posts about Kitchen Nightmares of the U.S.moreless
  • Peter's...

    This episode begins hilariously enough. After being introduced to the owners of the restaurant and its staff along with its additional hanger-ons, Gordon replies, "I've been introduced to the mob. Well, this one's going to be interesting, isn't it? F- me." While he samples items from the menu, an extremely loud argument breaks out in the kitchen and he is utterly bewildered.

    To critique some members of the staff, Angelo is kind of a douche bag to the head chef and the rest of the kitchen staff. Tina, the cute co-owner who is left with the brunt of running the restaurant, really needs to stop whining and just take control. She needs to get out while she still has the clothes on her back. It's too easy to comment on Peter, he's just a conceited, lazy piece of cr*p. He argues with vendors in front of customers inside and outside of the restaurant. Gordon sorts him out by sending him to cook in the non-functional kitchen.

    The absolute best part of this episode was on the evening of the new menu re-launch. Gordon having noted that Peter does nothing proceeds to tell him and holds back nothing. Robert, the head chef, is in absolute awe of the whole thing. This is a scene not to be missed. I was amazed Gordon had no fear in speaking his mind. It's seems afterwards Peter had a new kind of respect for him.moreless
  • Ramsay meets the Mafia?

    I really liked this episode, but did anyone find it a bit unbelievable that Peter had such a behavior change in a week? (I think, if they're true to the UK series he spends one week at the place.) Although I don't think they could have done the kitchen fix up in one day. About Peter: at first, I thought, "Holy cr@p, this guy's going to break Ramsay's neck." I was waiting for the professional hit man to come in! By the end they're buddies and he's a big teddy bear. I'm not sure if some of this was put on for the camera--if not, kudos to Ramsay for people management. Something he's not always known for. (I know Ramsay's a tough guy himself, but this guy was huge!) And he had a hair-trigger temper especially when bill collectors stopped by. Which made me wonder--since when do bill collectors STOP by, unless you're being served with a lawsuit or paying protection money. (Maybe in a commercial business it's different, or maybe they were so in debt it had gotten to this level.) This was when I was wondering if some of this was staged to make the confrontation between Ramsay and the 'Neanderthal' Peter more dramatic.

    Joys of a working in a family business--the poor staff caught in the middle. (I have been there and never will again.) I frankly couldn't understand why some of the non-family staff hadn't left before now.

    It was all good in the end, Peter was totally reformed and actually working, the staff was less stressed and the kitchen had working appliances. It was interesting start of the series. I've seen the UK version--there have certainly been disagreements, but most aren't openly aggressive people to start with and certainly not to Ramsay--it's more of a passive-aggressive thing. They just ignore the their peril as he's giving them sound advice. Most of the time over there, he has to spend time to get the management to find their 'bollocks'. In this one, he's having to tell one manager and the restaurant's namesake that the restaurant would be better off without him. He dispenses the advice that the rest of the staff (and some of the family) either wouldn't or couldn't.moreless
  • The first US episode of UK's Kitchen Nightmares...

    I was thrilled when I heard that "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" was going to be "Americanized". I knew right away that Ramsay was in for a whole new experience. I've seen every episode of UK's RKN and I have to say that when he gets mad at the staff, they take it and do what he says...I just knew then that the American staffs wouldn't take it as well and this first episode just proves it.

    Anyone who know me here on knows I'm a New Yorker living in Tampa (1 1/2 yrs now). Watching Peter Pellegrino in this episode made me embarrased to admit I am a New Yorker. He was the sterotypical Italian goombah wannabe goodfella from NYC. I'm sure his outbursts were for our viewing benefit. Everytime he opened his mouth, I put my head into my hands in disbelief...

    Before Ramsay has made the statement of "Welcome to Babylon..." I had already said out loud, "Welcome to New York"

    How this guy's family didn't tell him he was the one who was bringing them down ("bring me a cappuccino", "...another bottle of wine for the customer...", and "..get me an espresso"). Whether he was comping his doctor's meal, drinking the coffee or taking a bowl of food for himself when it was meant for a customer, it was so very obvious that Peter was a huge liability. As family, they should have just told him so. When Peter's father took a fall outside during one of his little scenes where he went after a creditor, I felt bad for the man. If I was Tina, Peter and I would have had it out from the get go. Of course it took Ramsay to tell him to his face what was what. At times I was afraid for Ramsay as he yelled the truth to Peter and Peter appeared to be ready to beat the living haggis out of him! In the end though, I was really surprised (but very glad) that Peter finally realized that Ramsay was right about him all along and he decided he would turn over a new leaf and start taking his job seriously. He proved it in the end and I wonder if he's kept it up or if it was just for the show.

    As I started to watch this first episode, I tried not to compare KN to Ramsay's KN. I watched with fresh eyes and I loved it. This was a great episode...which is why I gave it a 10. Before I end my review, I've read some things about Ramsay on the internet and it really "grinds my gears" when they describe him as "British born Ramsay". Gordon Ramsay is Scottish by birth but was raised in England.moreless

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