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  • Love his attitude and the show!

    Chef Ramsay reminds me of myself when I go to restaurants. It seems I have trouble controlling my tongue when I taste something bad. A couple of weeks ago, I went to a place that claims to have fresh fish and on the sign it said "Fresh-Frozen" and I said to the guy behind the counter "Is it fresh or is it frozen?" he laughed and said it's "Freshly Frozen" I'm like you have got to be kidding me. I got quite angry and said "F*** there's nothing fresh about frozen fish". Too many people say that he's foul mouthed and doesn't control his temper but, people need a reality check when they are so delusional to believe that their restaurant is great and their food is great. They fail to realize that no matter what they think, their restaurant wouldn't be failing if, they took care of it.
  • Loved the episode with the egg-head twins who ran the Capri restaurant

    I think Jeff and Jim are better off running a comedy show than a restaurant, because they are some of the dumbest owners I've seen on the show and they crack me up with the way they acted like such sissy little cry babies. It was about time they got off their lazy butts and had the place cleaned and had gotten fresh food, instead of old spoiled food that was way outdated. Chef Ramsey did a REALLY amazing job putting them in their places and getting them and I couldn't help but applaud the chef that was laughing at the owners for the emotional smackdown they got from Chef Ramsey. He and the old lady had to have been embarrassed to work with the twins and after what they've had to put up with with the customers getting angry over how the food tasted, it was time the blame was pointed in the right direction. Anyone can tell even before walking into their restaurant that it was such a slum-fest with mediocre service
  • Time to hit the road and fix some restaurants!

    I love this show as much as Hell's kitchen as Gordon Ramsay is a two-sided coin. On one hand he is short-tempered and rough, but on the other hand he has a warm heart. Here he tries to work his kitchen magic in struggling restaurants. My favorites so far were the Irish episode and the Seascape as Ramsay toughens up Peter in the boxing gym and gets rid of his lazy chefs. What would happen if we had a sweet voiced chef do the repairing? BORING! Ramsay's methods can keep one at the edge of his/her seats and make it a lot more exciting.
  • i love this man ramsay has to be the best man on tv. kitchen nightmars is beter then kitchen nightmars is about faling food spots that the only way to restor thear name is to get mr. ramsay in thear to get people together. watch this show.

    i have seen all of the kitchen nightmars and i have seen all of the uk hit ramsays kitchen nightmars and let me tell you if you havent heard of kitchen nightmars whar the hell have you ben.
    this has to be the best show on tv the veary best i am so happy that season 2 is comming this fall and then i hear that a 3 season is pland for 2009 plus the start of the 5 season of hells kitchen in january 2009 plus ramsays kitchen nightmars will start the new season on bbc sum time soon.

    watch this show.
  • The American version of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares! Gordon visits struggling US restaurants on the verge of closing and advises the owners and chefs to what he feels are the reasons for their failings in an attempt to bring success!

    I am a huge fan of the British version, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and I was not disappointed when I watched my first two episodes of the American versions. I am surprised at the negative reviews I've read on the US version. Of course people should expect to see a difference in the US version versus the BBC channel. Look at the other programs on the BBC channel and it is obvious there are big differences in what the viewers are watching. My friends and I watch the programs and call each other during the commercials to discuss what's happening. We agree that the show is a success! Keep an open mind and enjoy!
  • i like the show and i think everyone should watch it

    if you like hell kitchen then of course you have to watch this show as well. you may like gordon yelling at people who want to cook but imagine you watching gordon yelling at people who THINK they know how to cook but when you eat it, taste all disgusting. it is good he is helping them but imagine he went to the winner of hell kitchen and see how they are doing and they were doing bad look at his face it will be messed up. you should watch this show and you will like it because you will see gordon ramsey again when hell kitchen season is over.
  • This show rocks. Ramsay tells it like it is! Keep up the good work Gordon Ramsay!

    I have worked in restaurants for several years and this show is great...Anywhere you go you find chefs who do subpar work as well as servers who are just doing their time. I love that Ramsay tells them like it is and recognizes the employees who are actually doing good work, as well as bad. Restaurant staff are there to serve customers..if they don't like it leave! Then on the other hand you have owners who don't know what's going on and tend to rely on idiots who have worked for them for years. When watching this show I can totally relate to all the issues shown and even have to laugh. Keep up the good work!
  • Non-stop entertainment.

    I've grown tired of most reality shows lately, and I am continually disappointed in the networks that cancel shows just as they start to get good and gain a fan base. Kitchen Nightmares was a success in the UK and I am glad it appears to be doing well here in the US. I have watched all of the episodes from the UK and the US now and I still want more. I have even began watching the seasons of the F Word which is another of Gordon Ramsay's shows, and I am working on getting ahold of Hell's Kitchen episodes to check out now after seeing Kitchen Nightmares and The F Word. Also if you take the time and try some of the recipes, they are really delicious and not that hard to make, most take about 30 minutes.
  • Reality tv that doesn't suck!

    this is one of the few reality tv shows that is good. I really like Ramsey and how he fixes up the restaurants. What i most like about the show is that he doesn't baby sit them. He won't interfere during dinner and just suddenly take over. He lets them make there own mistakes. This show might be a little predictable in some ways (like the mangers are usually always mean) but overall it is a great reality tv show. He shows the people tough love and he teaches the people to get over themselves if they are ever going to succeed.
  • When I first seen the commercials for Kitchen Nightmares right after Hell's Kitchen finale and it did it know no justice. Kitchen Nightmares is more like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but with Chef Ramsey and not as a fake like uhmmm Ty Pennington.

    As I said in my summary. The commercials give it no justice. Here's how the show goes. Chef Ramsey, from the hit show Hell's Kitchen, takes on one restaurant a week that is in serious trouble financially, because of no customers. When I said it was like Extreme Makeover Home Edition blah blah... But instead of an annoying host and supporting cast that make the family talk about things they try to block out like losing a limb or there parent dying and then sponsor it by Sears :) It's just Chef Ramsey and it focus on how to save a restaurant. The last episode I watched is where this husband and wife built a beautiful restaurant but can't run a restaurant. Chef Ramsey is right into the husbands face and told him what he needs to do to to get a regular customer base. At the beginning there skeptical what Chef Ramsey can do but at the end the skeptics are blown away. They think he's just going to fix the restaurants but he does more then that. He helps the staff also but not just being better at there jobs but also better sense of pride in the place they work. A self of accomplishment every night in making people happy. Chef Ramsey just makes the best come out of people and Kitchen Nightmares shows the real Chef Ramsey. I'm just saying I'm really picky on shows, especially reality shows, but this a great one.
  • I was in love with the Ramsay's kitchen nightmares on BBC and now the Americanized version is awesome.

    Ramsay critiques these food establishments in a hilarious no holds bar fashion. He gives it to these people with no mercey. And it is very scary Some of the things shown in those kitchens. Literally the kitchens are nightmares but the show is a DREAM COME TRUE. I love Chef, and it is easier to watch JUST him, rather than 10 chefs fighting for a winning spot like on Hell's Kitchen. I thought they were the worst part of the show and wanted more chef in all the episodes AND NOW I'VE GOT IT! Chef's personality and passion for cooking makes the show worth watching.
  • Sweet show, it's time we make the world see what a reality show is. this is great. I would love to see him come to a restarunt in our area, they have been struggling for years. How do they apply for help?? we want to be on the show

    the best ever show, someone to tell you the truth. remember when your parent told you the truth, and you belieived in them? it's a great service to the people who eat out to let them know they need help.

    Sweet show, it's time we make the world see what a reality show is. this is great. I would love to see him come to a restarunt in our area, they have been struggling for years.

    How do they apply for help?? we want to be on the show

    Love the show, 10 thumbs up, if I only had ten.

    great job keep up the great job. buzzinhummer
  • Great to watch and I just think there should be more Ramsey's going around and fixing things for everyone.

    I enjoy this show alot and Ramsey is doing a good job with each and every resturant he encounters and I don't know if alot of people do things like Ramsey and go help other resturants because it's looks like alot of resturants need alot of help and some times I feel bad for Ramsey having to help these jacked up resturants. Me personally would have saw those resturants and let them fail so they can close down because thats how bad those resturants were inside. But besides that this is a funny and entertaining show and we as viewers get to see signs of a bad resturants so we know what to avoid when going out to eat.
  • The best thing to hit the U.S.A since real beer!

    Gordon You are the bomb!!!!! America has been in the dark when it comes to reality programs!!!!!!!!!!! Now as a Brit I can watch something and really enjoy it! I'm glad that you haven't been tamed down! Show them what you are made of! If you don't want to hear the truth don't ask Gordon. If you, Gordon read the reviews and want to give advice to other ventures I need help with a cosmetotogy school!!!!!!!! YOU ARE GOD! Come to Colorado and put the wind up other so called cullanary adventures! god knows they need it! Thanks Gail! God Bless!
  • My husband and I absolutly love Chef Ramsey. We think he should visit every restutant in America. We think everything he does is absolutely needed. We LOVE him!!!

    We Love the show.The Indian or whatever type of resturant it was was nasty. We are glad to see someone take the that resturant and turn it into a real resturant. Can't wait to see the next episode. We would also venture to say that he takes the show across the counrty. We hope that show is an instant hit. The eating of America is in the hands of people who don't care. We are glad that Martin is fired/quit and pray for the next resturant who is lucky to have him. We hope after Ramsey's visit this resturant makes it.
  • Highly entertaining cooking reality show! It's a hit you don't want to miss! Trust me.

    Ramsey proves that he not only has the skills of a top chef but he has the business mentality to help restaurants that are on the edge of closing down. The combination of his talents helps proves that he has the ability to turn nothing into something out of the restaurants. The show is highly entertaning because it always seems like its going to be another impossible job for ramsey. Ramsey comes across chefs that can't simply cook, staff that are lazy and not motivated. There is alot of drama and conflict which makes this show a must watch.
  • Love the show and Love Ramsy!

    I can not believe that all those palces had stayed open as long as they did without killing some one or the Health Department not shutting them donw! It is totally gross to watch but it draws you in to keep watching. Ramsy tells it like it is and he risks his own health when eating their food! Gross but I guess it is needed in order to get the job done! Even afterwards, some of those places should still be closed down. The attitudes of some of those resturant owners is so pathetic! For instance, I would never employ someone who just sits around, spitting out orders, and not caring what is going on around him! No way no how! But anywa, I like the show alot!
  • Really good show, but not as great as the original UK version.

    Everyone needs to see the UK version of the show to get the true meaning of the show. Plus, it is uncensored. Really, goes to show the differences between UK and US cultures.

    1. The Narrator. I understand why they put an american as a narrator, but I prefer Ramsay. 2. Editing. It's atrocious. Way too many cameras. Too many quick cuts for facial reactions. 3. Chaos over Cooking. Too much emphasis on drama and almost none into showing the chefs Ramsay's cooking style. I'm still hooked and will keep watching, but don't stray too far from the UK original! This show is still better than most of the US reality shows right now!
  • halarious...

    One of the best reality shows I've seen. It's halarious. Chef Gordon Ramsey goes to American restaraunts that are having trouble and he helps them get back on their feet in one week. I love the idea of the episode and Ramsey is the perfect guy to host it. He really makes the show entertaining because of his british accent and his constant cursing. The guest personalities bring a lot to the show also. I really like this show and I think it has great potential. It's even better than Hell's Kitchen, in my opinion, which is saying a lot because I love Hell's Kitchen. The only problem I have with this show is that it's on at the same time as Criminal Minds and now I have to choose which to watch.
  • I am very surprised.

    I had zero intentions of watching this show tonight but I caught about 20 seconds of it and thought I have to watch this. We have a guy going to restaurants that are not being run right and tries to turn them around in a week. The pilot episode was very entertaining with a hot headed manager (although I am not sure how much was real and how much for the cameras)running his parents and sisters restaurant in the ground. This guy tells it like it is about what they are doing wrong and it actually made for a very good hour of television. I will be watching next week.
  • A pleasant surprise :)

    Like until last week, I had absolutely no interest in this show... Then I saw a clip, and thought to myself: OMG, this is a show about Ramsay screaming at random restaurant owners and them trying to fight back. I SO have to watch this!

    And it lived up to my expectations... It's nothing spectacular, like the breakout hit of the season, but since it'll only have 10 episodes, if the ratings are good, it's gonna get renewed and Fox could possibly get a new fall show with really good ratings to fill in the void that are 24 and American Idol... :)

    The pilot episode was really entertaining, really brutal but effective... Can't wait to see more, cause this guy really is a legend! :D
  • I feel that Cheif Ramsey should kick everyone off the and bring back the losers from the past tv series of his shows. I don't blame him for being so mad at them.

    I like this show but this season is bad....... I don't see how Cheif Ramsey can sleep at night with this group. I would never trust any of them to be the cook and Cheif for my resturant. I think if was a bad idea for these cooks to be on the air, they should of been kicked off the first time around and bring back the losers of the past shows.
    My rate is a 9.2 because I like the show but this season is BAD
  • Kitchen Nightmare

    I have been a chef for twenty years and I can't understand how dirty some of these restaurants are. Where is the Health Department in some of those places ?
  • This is actually Season 6, not 5

    Season 6 officially starts on 10/26, 2012, not season 5.

    Refer to IMDB and all other episode listings.
  • Gordon likes screaming. Screaming likes Gordon.

    It is no shock for a dedicated supervisor to demand improvements from his workers. It's quite another story for him to almost kill them in the process.

    If Gordon Ramsay hadn't considered a career as a chef, drill sergeant would have been another possibility. He can be heard several hundred miles away. Don't ever make him mad, because his voice can make things explode. I watch him from the comfort of my home, and he still makes me want to run and hide.

    Watch this show and you may laugh, you will cringe, but you will never quite act the same way in a restaurant again.
  • Gordon Ramsay is good. He has so many TV shows it's almost confusing. But he is very good. I love watching him.

    I love Gordon Ramsay. He's funny, he's brilliant, he's a great chef and he's smart. Otherwise he wouldn't be appreciated as much.

    He has so many TV shows, it's almost confusing. What I like about his shows is that is most cases he manages (with screaming and cursing of course) to give people the slap in the face they need to get over themselves and start running things.

    But I get the feeling in this series that they're trying really hard to find an emotional trigger in the episodes. In the first episode, it was the wife and the hot-headed husband who has all their savings on the restaurant. In the second episode it was a whole dysfunctional family. Looks like they're trying too hard.

    I still love Gordon Ramsay's shows. He's brilliant.
  • This show is funny, suspenseful, and absolute drama that keeps you coming back over and over again.

    Well, I guess Gordon Ramsay has done it again with the American drama. He took his British classic, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, and brought it to America.
    I am seeing a lot of complainst about the drama. But I say, phooey! I think the drama is irritating, but it is also somewhat entertaining. It will keep you biting your nails but when the actual thing happens, it really isn't that big of a deal, which might show an actual message to it. I must say, I am a big fan of Ramsay, and this show is great. I watch it every Thursday night, and it always seems to be worth staying up late.
  • Kicking butt and taking names in the name of kitchen competence!

    When I find myself relying on a service provided by someone billing him or herself as a "caring professional", competence is an issue with me. That's why I love this show so much. I like to cook myself, but I don't even kid myself that I have any business doing it for a living. Ramsay is turning into a personal hero of mine. If I pay good money for a high end meal at a restaurant, I want my money's worth and not have to worry about being poisoned in the process. Chef Ramsay isn't just entertaining, he's providing a genuine public service. Great show!
  • I still prefer the Brit version of KN that does not seem so scripted. For the American version this episode was fun.

    I enjoyed hating Mike the host (25% of the tips my arse) his ego and delusions of being the boss made him a target. Billy the actual owner was easy to pity, he was whipped by his host and wife and seemed to have no fire or spirit. A wife who had the fire and spirit but not the ability to focus her anger properly.

    A villain and a hero rescuing a beleaguered owner makes for fun tv. The restaurant was in desperate straits the narriage of the owners was in jeopardy and that in and by itself was in need of help. Gordon managed to focus on the problems and coral them.
  • Ramsay tries to 'fix' NYC restaurants by attempting to pass on his knowledge and experience to those desperately in need of help.

    I think it is a very informative show if you're running a restaurant or just any business. However, the biggest downside for me is there just is too much toleration of people who don't pull their weight or are just completely inept. Otherwise, I love to watch him go in and recommend changes and see how people react to him and his ideas. I do like the UK version a bit better - it doesn't have the flashy seizure-inducing camerawork and there's a bit more Ramsay to owner/staff interaction. However, the US version isn't 'horrible' in comparison, its the editing that seems to muddle it up.
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