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FOX (ended 2014)





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  • In short, watch the BBC Version. This version has been edited to all hell into the traditional stupid cookie cutter reality TV show in the US.

    This show is completely ruined in its transition to the US. You're better off watching the BBC version. This is really disappointing to me because I was really excited to see some US resturants overhauled in the traditional kitchen nightmares style. However they crapped the show into the ever growing trend of reformation reality TV shows (ie, queer eye) where they do the default formula crap of basically buying the people crap to make them happy. In addition, the way the show is edited is completely deceiving to fit their cookie cutter narrative formula. The chronological order of scenes is completely deceptive.

    In addition the 4:00 of preview and repeating preview scenes before ever commercial break are completely unnecessary and simply there to kill time. The music in the background is over dramatic and useless and the repeated cuts of the restaurant front makes it feel like the lame dating reality tv shows. In the BBC version you can see Gordon foster proper support and mentoring to help the restaurants. In every ep of The Kitchen nightmares you have the same formula of him making the menu for them and then his "design team" buying them tons of crap.

    Of course I'm not surprised Gordon signed off on this show since it gives him more money so he couldn't care less (Just look at the stuff he does on boiling point). However the show is pure BS.