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  • Before you step into the next Mom and Pop Italian Restaurant….

    Every kitchen has its secrets. Some are well kept and what keep them alive and thriving, and they're others with secrets so horrible that you almost don't want to know about them! The latter is what Kitchen Nightmares is about. World-renowned Chef Ramsey searches America in search for restaurants that are on the bottom of the culinary food chain (and clearly doesn't have to look far to find them). He exposes these sad excuses for restaurants for what they are: pathetic food, usually worse kitchen conditions (complete with rotting food, unclean facilities, you name it. Some make you wonder how they stay open, much less how people don't get sick!), and staffs that just don't care anymore. You just need to watch one episode of this show to realize that Ramsey's passion is in the kitchen: he wants everything he puts out to be the best, and he wants the same thing of those from those he meets (it's sometimes hard to see that when he's cussing them out like a drunkard, but its there). One thing I find ironic about this show is that just about every time Ramsey goes to an Italian Restaurant the story is pretty much the same: a diner with mediocre food run by an arrogant, stubborn, full-blooded Italian guy who is obstinate on running things his way (and even with that, those episodes are still entertaining). Ramsey is trying to save the world of small business cooking, one restaurant at a time, and I will say he's doing a good job.