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  • Loved the episode with the egg-head twins who ran the Capri restaurant

    I think Jeff and Jim are better off running a comedy show than a restaurant, because they are some of the dumbest owners I've seen on the show and they crack me up with the way they acted like such sissy little cry babies. It was about time they got off their lazy butts and had the place cleaned and had gotten fresh food, instead of old spoiled food that was way outdated. Chef Ramsey did a REALLY amazing job putting them in their places and getting them and I couldn't help but applaud the chef that was laughing at the owners for the emotional smackdown they got from Chef Ramsey. He and the old lady had to have been embarrassed to work with the twins and after what they've had to put up with with the customers getting angry over how the food tasted, it was time the blame was pointed in the right direction. Anyone can tell even before walking into their restaurant that it was such a slum-fest with mediocre service