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  • After 3 seasons, I cant stand it anymore

    Heres the basic formula:

    Day 1: food sucks -> kitchen in disarray -> owner(s) get angry

    Day 2: secret meeting -> frustrations aired -> crying everywhere

    Day 3: free stuff given + new menu -> dinner starts well -> momentary problem -> dinner ends on good note -> Ramsay is a hero

    I noticed this after the first 5 episodes i watched and it was tolerable at first. However, after so long watching the same thing over and over it has become so detestable to me. It is sad, because the BBC version of the show is so good. In the BBC version, almost all the restaurants have different problems and you can really see Gordon Ramsay pull off some great and inventive ideas to pull a restaurant through. You can see things actually changing and feel like the restaurateurs really had to work hard to succeed at the end.

    In the US version, it is entirely ludicrous to believe that all these restaurants are left to their devices after Gordon fixes one problem (almost always being that the owners are in denial/stubborn). Then he gives them a complete remodel of the dining area overnight and after one dinner, leaves them. The show is so formulaic and edited that it is no longer about showing how to run a successful business but rather a cheap and lame attempt at trying to pull at your heartstrings. So typical of american produced reality tv shows nowadays.

    Bottom line, go check out the BBC version. It is miles better than this show.
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