Kitchen Nightmares - Season 1

FOX (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • Cafe 36
    Episode 22
    Gordon Ramsay heads to La Grange, Illinois, to help turn around a French-American eatery called Cafe 36. They need Gordon's help in teaching them what to do, how to control the head chef, and how to bring customers in.
  • Sante La Brea
    Episode 21

    Sante La Brea, a restaurant in Los Angeles, promotes itself as being a place that serves healthy food with a fun and welcoming decor. However, when Gordon arrives, he finds imitation seafood, spoiled food and a lack of customers. All of these elements combined, along with a disrespectful staff, put the owner Dean in major financial trouble.

  • Fiesta Sunrise
    Episode 20

    Chef Gordon Ramsay heads to West Nyack, New York, to help out a family-run Mexican restaurant called Fiesta Sunrise. The restaurant is not only in deep financial trouble, but it is also extremely dirty. Can Gordon help the family get on the right path before the doors close for good?

  • Sabatiello's
    Episode 19

    Chef Ramsay heads to Stamford, Connecticut, to help out Sammy, the owner of Sabatiello's. Sammy is not only extremely hot tempered, but he is also a million dollars in debt. When Gordon begins working is magic, Sammy is not happy, which makes his own staff not happy with his actions.

  • Jack's Waterfront
    Jack's Waterfront
    Episode 18

    Chef Ramsay visits Jack's Waterfront, a seafood restaurant in Saint Clair Shores, MI, which is run by three local body builders. Due to the use of imitation seafood and poor management, a once popular spot for boaters has now become a slowly sinking business.

  • Hannah & Mason's
    Hannah & Mason's
    Episode 17

    Chef Ramsay heads to Cranbury, New Jersey, to help turn around a French bistro called Hannah & Mason's. Gordon is forced to shut the restaurant down, on Valentine's day, after he stumbles upon the horrific condition of the walk-in cooler. He is determined to help the unpassionate and inexperienced owners, before more paychecks bounce and the doors shut for good.

  • J Willy's
    Episode 16

    Chef Ramsay goes to J Willy's Bar & Grille in South Bend, Indiana. This restaurant is $1.2 million in debt and has inexperienced cooks. Can Chef Ramsay teach the cooks how to use fresh, not frozen or out of a can, food and make it taste great before it's too late?

  • Black Pearl
    Episode 15

    Chef Ramsay heads to New York, New York to help out a struggling seafood restaurant called the Black Pearl. The restaurant lack communication because of the three very different owners and their styles of work.

  • Trobiano's
    Episode 14
    Chef Ramsay heads to Great Neck, New York to help out an Italian restaurant called Trobiano's. The owner of Trobiano's is running the restaurant on his girlfriend's parents' money, which is running out.
  • 9/18/08

    Chef Ramsay heads to Macomb Twp, Michigan to help a father and son turn around their Italian restaurant, Giuseppi's, which is in much need of help before they have to close the doors.

  • Handlebar
    Episode 12

    Chef Ramsay heads to Mount Sinai in New York to help Bill and Carolyn LeRoy turn around their restaurant Handlebar Restaurant and Lounge, which looks more like it belongs in the 80s.

  • 9/4/08

    Chef Gordon Ramsay wants to see if all of his hard work paid off, when he returns to check up on six of the failing restaurants he helped turn around.

  • Secret Garden
    Episode 10
    Gordon goes to Moorpark, CA to assist an obstinate French chef in overcoming an empty restaurant with an off-putting decor. He finds many problems with the Secret Garden, ranging from a complicated menu, to a filthy kitchen, to the chef himself. Along the way, he butts heads with the chef as he struggles to try to turn the restaurant around. He introduces both a new decor and menu, but faces resistance from the chef, who is very set in his ways.moreless
  • Campania
    Episode 9
    Chef Ramsay visits Campania, an Italian restaurant in Fair Lawn, N.J. He discovers a lackadaisical wait staff is hurting business.
  • Lela's
    Episode 8
    Chef Ramsay visits Lela's in Pomona, Cal. He finds the menu lacking, but the executive chef isn't making any changes without a fight.
  • Finn McCool's
    Finn McCool's
    Episode 7
    Chef Ramsay helps a family in the Hamptons with their pub, Finn McCools. Retired cop Buddy, fights with sons Jason and Brian, both of whom work for their father. Can Chef Ramsay work his magic on this family owned business before it goes belly up?
  • Sebastian's
    Episode 6
    Chef Ramsay takes on the challenge of turning a pizza restaurant in Burbank, California, called Sebastian's, into a pleasurable place to dine at. Sebastian's serves frozen food from a complicated menu and the wait staff is always auditioning for their next big role.
  • Olde Stone Mill
    Episode 5
    Chef Gordon Ramsay takes on the challenge of helping Dean and his wife out by attempting to turn around the Olde Stone Mill restaurant located in Tuckahoe, New York. The restaurant has been renovated in the front of the house, but not in the kitchen when it comes to the horrible food.moreless
  • Seascape
    Episode 4
    Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Seascape, a mother and son run restaurant located in Islip, NY. Ramsay must work together with a hard-headed chef, along with an inexperienced owner, to make some much needed changes to bring the customers back and to save the mother and son relationship.
  • The Mixing Bowl
    Episode 3
    Gordon Ramsay heads to Bellmore, New Jersey where he finds a local eatery on its last legs. The Mixing Bowl faces an influx of competition and has almost no customers. The owners have lost their spark and their marriage is crumbling. The manager does not have proper business skills and spends his time on fruitless schemes from coupons to promotional signs to drum up business for the restaurant. Gordon faces a tough challenge as he strives to correct problems with the restaurant's appearance and menu, as well as its staffing problems.moreless
  • Dillons
    Episode 2
    Chef Gordon Ramsay is hitting the big city in an attempt to revamp an Indian restaurant called Dillons and make it one of the hottest venues in town. Ironically Dillons is located two blocks away from Chef Gordon Ramsay's own restaurant.
  • Peter's
    Episode 1
    Gordon Ramsay visits a family-run Italian restaurant in Babylon, NY that's being run into the ground by Peter, the hot-tempered manager and co-owner.
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