Kitchen Nightmares - Season 4

FOX (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • Zocalo
    Episode 17
    Zocalo from the show Kitchen Nightmares is the 17th episode from the 5th season of the Fox series, starring renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. Gordon visits the restaurant located in West Philadelphia. Gordon is served a classic Mexican dish and finds a serious problem with the temperature and consistency of the food. He advises the owners on what they need to do in order to run a successful kitchen.moreless
  • Chiarella's
    Episode 16

    Gordon Ramsay and his ruthless team of experts head to Chiarella's, a struggling Italian restaurant in Philadelphia. The owners inherited the business and are trying to make it into a success, but underwhelming food and rude waiters mean that Ramsay has a tough task ahead of him as he reinvents Chiarella's.

  • Cafe Hon
    Episode 15

    Chef Ramsay visits Cafe Hon, arestaurantinBaltimore, Maryland.

  • Charlie's
    Episode 14

    Gordon Ramsay and his team pay a visit to Charlie's Italian Restaurant, a California dining establishment that has not been doing so well. If Ramsay cannot give the restaurant a total makeover and drum up some business, the owner's relatives may wind up paying a hefty cost for her incompetence.

  • Spin A Yarn
    Episode 13
    Chef Ramsay visits Fremont, CA, to help out 50-year-old steakhouse and banquet center Spin-A-Yarn. Despite the restaurant's rich history as an old-time hideaway and meeting place, the restaurant's bland menu and outdated decor are long overdue for visual and culinary makeover. Shocked by the restaurant's inconsistent service and disorganized kitchen staff, Chef Ramsay is put to the test to give the steakhouse a refreshed menu and ambience. Find out if Chef Ramsay succeeds in updating the restaurant's image or if it will remain stuck in its old ways.moreless
  • Park's Edge
    Episode 12
    Chef Ramsay visits Atlanta, GA, to help the owners of contemporary American restaurant Park's Edge refresh their menu and service. Although the owners of Park's Edge take pride in their diverse menu and innovative dining experience, Chef Ramsay is shocked by the restaurant's lack of cohesiveness in the kitchen, inattentive service and disorganized management.moreless
  • Revisited No. 7
    Revisited No. 7
    Episode 11
  • El Greco
    Episode 10
    Chef Ramsay heads to the lone star state to give Austin, Texas eatery El Greco a much-needed update that would still maintain family-held traditions. Dismayed by the careless treatment of traditional Greek cuisine and sub-par service, Chef Ramsay must intervene before the restaurant owners are forced to shut El Greco's doors for good. Find out if Chef Ramsay's advice and guidance will be enough to keep this establishment open.moreless
  • Michon's
    Episode 9
    Chef Ramsay heads to the Peach state eatery Michon's Smoked Meats & Seafood restaurant for a much needed update. Find out if Chef Ramsay's advice and guidance will be enough to keep this establishment in College Park, GA, open.
  • Greek at the Harbor

    The Greek at the Harbor, a Ventura, California restaurant operated by the Mikelatos family, is on the verge of permanently closing. Against the backdrop of tension between her husband and son, Lynn Mikelatos contacts Gordon Ramsey to help repair their struggling waterfront restaurant. Chef Ramsey deals with substandard food, dated d√©cor, and an aging father that is resistant to teaching his son the trade.

  • Burger Kitchen, Part 2

    Burger Kitchen, Part 2 is an episode of the hit Fox series Kitchen Nightmares in which Chef Gordon Ramsay returns to L.A. to see if the changes he made at Burger Kitchen have improved the restaurant's finances. Did the owners follow Chef Ramsay's instructions from Part 1, or are they still headed for bankruptcy?

  • Burger Kitchen, Part 1

    Burger Kitchen Part 1

  • Revisited No. 6
    Revisited No. 6
    Episode 5

    Revisited No. 1 updates the profiles of three restaurants Chef Gordon Ramsey previously visited to gauge their progress a year after major staff, menu, and design changes. Chef Ramsey returns to Classic American in West Babylon, NY; Downcity in Providence, RI; and Davide Restaurant in Boston, MA and offers additional advice.

  • Luigi's
    Episode 4

    Chef Gordon Ramsay does an extreme makeover at Anaheim's renowned Italian restaurant, Luigi's D'Itialia. The restaurant faces management conflicts after the owner retired and leaves the business to his sons Tony and Luigi, creating a very stressful environment for the customers. The owners' arguments may be one thing that affects the business, but the restaurant's unchanging menu is not anymore appealing for the customers. Chef Ramsay takes the floor and encourages everybody to work enthusiastically and presents a new set menu that will revive the restaurant and attract a new wave of customers.

  • Mike and Nellie's
    Episode 3

    In this episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay lends a hand to Mike and Nellie's Steak and Seafood Restaurant. Mike and Nellie's is a father-and-son established restaurant and now faces foreclosure following the death of one of its owners. Mike is now the only person left in managing the business that he and his father have built. Bereaved from his father's death, Mike resorts to alcoholism and turns the restaurant into a terrible mess. With its unappetizing pasta sauces, overcooked rubbery shrimp plates, smelly carpets, and dirty kitchen, Chef Ramsay steps in to help Mike and Nellie's Steak and Seafood Restaurant get back on track.

  • Leone's
    Episode 2

    Gordon Ramsay arrives at an italian eatery in Montclair, N.J. called Leone's Restaurant.

  • Blackberry's
    Episode 1

    In the fifth-season opener, Chef Ramsay visits Blackberry'sRestaurant in Plainfield, N.J., andtells them that the quality of the food and the service both need to be improved