Kitchen Nightmares

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2007 on FOX
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Chef Ramsay takes on the challenge of turning a pizza restaurant in Burbank, California, called Sebastian's, into a pleasurable place to dine at. Sebastian's serves frozen food from a complicated menu and the wait staff is always auditioning for their next big role.

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  • Move over Chef Ramsey...

    A deluded 'chef' thinks he's big enough to have a worldwide franchise by reheating cheap, bought in, frozen food in his failing restaurant. The only talent he has is using a microwave and creating a menu that no one understands.
  • wow...

    Sebastian was pretty sad. He was completely delussional and really believed that his failing restaraunt would become a franchise. His restaraunt looked really nice, but the menu was ridiculous. I was listening to the waiters describe it and I was lost. And, why that much frozen food? If I wanted to eat that, I would have bought it at home. Anyways, Gordon comes in to save the day, and has plenty of arguments. I liked how this episode ended with a question mark and we don't really know if Sebastian kept the changes or not. Overall, just another good episode. Nothing special.moreless
  • I hope Sebastian fails...and fails miserably.

    This review is more of an outrage to those who mistreat people who are trying to help. No one talks to the Chef like that! That was outright one of the most disgusting episodes I have ever seen. For all the things Chef Ramsay did to bring Sebastian's pizzeria to a better level, I am disgraced by the behavior this loser brought out. What a revolting pizzeria chef. Basically, in this episode, he told us how crappy his pizzas really are. He refuses to take advice from a professional who has successful restaurants all over the world. Basically, this guy deserves to lose. FOX, please reimburse Ramsay for the money he may have lost trying to help this sucker out.moreless
  • The worst episode so far, poorly edited, seemed quite manufactured.

    I give up on this show, and unless my foodie / Ramsay fan friends tell me it improves down the road, this will probably be my last viewing / review.

    Every episode of the Fox Kitchen Nightmares has been a disappointment, each one worse than the last. Being a huge fan of the UK version of this show, I feel Fox has taken a great formula and just completely destroyed it. Fox: if it ain't broken...

    Where do I start. Maybe overall: The entire episode felt manufactured. I say this meaning things were chopped and edited here and there, bits earlier in the evening of the crucial night placed later in the evening, Sebastien's freak out done supposedly when the restaurant was full of people in the middle of the shift, but it's obvious it was filmed at some other time.

    The editing on this episode was absolutely horrible - whoever the editor of this particular episode was, they need to go back to Continuity 101 at their film school.

    Another gripe this whole "Fox pays for your makeover" and the "reveal" is just so TLC / Home and Garden. Puuuuleese. The original formula (and the big success) of the UKKN is that Gorden didn't throw money at the problems - he actually found out what the problems were, and spent a considerable part of the week he was there working on fixing them. It was the people (ie, the owners, chefs, service staff) that were made over, not the friggin' restaurants. If any makeover did take place, it was the restaurateur themselves who did it, not the network.

    I do give up on this show. Going back to watching UK Kitchen Nightmares on Food Network Canada (please do another season, please!), the F Word, and anything else Gordo does away from FOX.moreless
  • Ramsey's latest challenge is to turn around a pizza resturant owned by a hotheaded owner with a confusing menu and many many many frozen ingredents.

    I thought this was another good one. There was all the ussal swearing, drama and such, of course. But what shocked me the most was that they had those two stunning pizza ovens and they used the microwave! Pizza come out all soggy and horrible in the microwave! It was such a shame they let those ovens go to waste espesailly with that winning, talented and entusitacstic chef crew! I think they are probably the most talented and motivated group yet which is rare as usally, the chefs suck or is just as burnt out as the owner is!

    I was also shocked when the owner changed back to the old menu right in the middle --- how stupid! The point of the show is to do what Ramsey says! HE has money coming out of his behind ... he must be doing something right! Its sad that Ramsey could turn this place around but the own will probaly change it all back again in one of his little "fits." Well, you know what they say..."You can lead a horse to water...." You know the rest.moreless

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