Kitchen Nightmares

Season 1 Episode 10

Secret Garden

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2007 on FOX

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  • Flat as a pancake

    I expected a more explosive episode for the finale and this episode fell flat.
  • One of the more ambiguous episodes as, despite the usual fireworks, it seems hard to get a grasp on the existing eatery.

    Ramsey takes on an establishment run by a French chef-owner.

    A lot of ambiguity on this one, again I sometimes think that so much time is spent on editing in the obscenities and shots of spoiled food that it is really hard to tell what is REALLY going on in these places.

    There seems to be pre-existing problems in this restuarant, at least in its profitability. It's a little harder to tell about the menu other than Ramsey had a bad experience with his steak, baby carrots, and finely-shredded spuds. We are only really shown three dishes from the old menu and a few new, simpler Ramsey-suggested specials. But again, I would really like to see him DISCUSS his changes with the existing chef rather than 20 minutes of him exchanging expletives with him. I always want to know more about the backgrounds and feelings of the existing chefs.

    I really like the idea of the show in general, but rather than cartoon "owner/chef = bad, Ramsey = good" I hardly ever really know why these places are ultimately successes or failures. I like Ramsey in general and still wonder if his nasty disposition is mostly due to the editors wanting to promote attitude at the expense of constructive criticism.
  • Really? This is the Season Finale?? The show deserves better than that...

    Kitchen Nightmares as all realities have situations hard to believe (I know the realities are the most unreal TV shows) but this episode I wanted to be a little better than that because we are talking of a Season Finale, but all the clichés were here (like Ramsey vomiting), it's so obvious that the chef couldn't touch Ramsey's face, because let's face it, who wouldn't smack his face after all he said. But the most disappointing part was the last one after they fight to death but suddenly they are best friends again and the chef regrets for all the things and they all live happily ever after… come on!!!, I hope that the new season bring us more reality because it is a good show and it has good potential.Ramsey's face,
  • good episode...

    Ramsay goes to a restaraunt called Secret Garden. To start off, he can't even find the entrance. Then, the food is terrible. When Ramsay confronts the cook, which happens to be French, the cook thinks that his food is awesome. took the cook a long time to notice that Ramsay was right. Anyways, this was a good episode. The restaraunt was really falling apart and was disgusting and Ramsay turned it around. The french chef was incredibly stubborn and it took him until the very end to notice that the new menu was actually better and that people liked it more. Overall, good episode with plenty or argueing and a good fix-up.
  • The Secret Garden...

    This is an entertaining but average episode featuring Gordon Ramsay's amazing resolve to improve the sagging business of the restaurant 'Secret Garden'.

    Are the owners just looking for quick publicity for their restaurant when they agree to be featured on 'Kitchen Nightmares'? I believe the chef and owner Michel stated he was $300,000 in debt and still he acted like he neither wanted or needed Gordon's help.

    The massive fireworks at the very end of the show between Gordon and Chef Michel were signaling complete failure. A producer must have stepped in at the crucial point when Gordon walked out and quickly (or so it seemed) returned. So was Chef Michel really converted after all? I checked the Secret Garden's website and it's seems he has reverted back to his original menu. Oh well...