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Klovn ("Fool") is a authentic drama/comedy show. Frank Hvam, Casper Christensen and most of the cast act as themselves in every episode. The two best friends, Frank and Casper, work together in a comedy firm coming up with ideas for new comedy shows, as the actors do off screen. Each episode is built up around a core plot, but all dialog and acting is done "on set". Usually Frank gets himself into a sticky situation and tries to sort things out. Unfortunately he is (always) misunderstood to the worst resulting in ridicule of Frank, thus making him look like a fool. In comparison this show similar to HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and both shows are based on the same idea of acting out the episode rather than following a script.

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  • The best way to describe this to Americans is: "like Curb Your Enthusiasm... only actually funny!"

    The best way to describe this to Americans is: "like Curb Your Enthusiasm... only actually funny!" Yes some say they stole the idea from Curb, and they admit that they where inspired by that show, but I never thought Curb was very funny. However Klovn is great fun. Not many shows actually make me laugh out loud, but this one sure does. Frank Wahm is a master of expressions and one look on his face can make you laugh. Also the show seems to go way beyond the normal tabu subjects and have no problem using cancer or what not as a punchline. The humor can be very "dark" at times, but thats one of the things that sets it apart from the norm.moreless
  • Klovn - is a new Danish Sitcom, by the creators of the Danish sitcom Langt fra Las Vegas.

    Great sitcom, very different from other sitcoms, as this has starting-point in actual events in Frank's and Casper's life. It is inspired by the British series The Office and the American series Curb Your Enthusiasm. The characters play themselves, so Casper Christensen plays Casper Christensen and so on.

    The concept is very simpel: They have a short text, a so called storyline, and then they just have to improvise the plot throught the episode. It is not allowed to tell a joke, it is the act itself that have to bring out the awkwardness, unpleasantment and goofy situations, that happens to everyday persons, therefore the titel Klovn = Clown.moreless

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