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  • Season 3
    • God jul, Frank
      God jul, Frank
      Episode 10
      Frank is going to the bank with Mia's money from her Tea-store, but he fail and he ends up without his cellphone. He achieved to send a love statement to Mia before the accident - unfortunately to the wrong number. Christmas eve, children in Santa cloth, a mad Iben, a bank robbery and paralyzed, brain-dead Bodil with Santa beard becomes a part of the Christmas, despite the fact that it is the hearts celebration.moreless
    • En revisor-smølfe-CD
      Frank and Mia is interested in the same summer cottage as Carøe and Susan, which puts their friendship on a difficult test. Frank and Casper shops erotic toy in Paradis and gets involved in a case regarding a smurf-CD, the police and a driving licence. All this unfortunately happens with Franks parents as witnesses.moreless
    • Bøssernes Kennedy
      Klaus Bondam helps Frank making his street a quiet-street, suddenly the police is a part of it and Franks stubbornness makes - once again - it a catastrophe. Mia gives, by personal reasons, Frank new gloves and Casper, who have had sex with almost all nationalities, tries to add china to his world map, and then Franks gloves and high hygiene level comes into the picture.moreless
    • Længe leve demokratiet
      An election draws near, and Frank helps loyally his dad in his campaign for CD. That brings Frank on the edge with Enhedslisten. The beer-club has accepted a partnership with Carlsberg regarding the production of a new beer. The purchase of a per of shoes in a way too small size cause Frank problems with completing an important meeting with Carlsberg. Franks only bright side of this is his new lovely champagne sword.moreless
    • Biggie Blackie
      Biggie Blackie
      Episode 6
      Casper and Frank has entered the horse-racing business and invested in a horse named Biggie-Blackie. Unfortunately they run into troubles with the jockey, parking guards and black bank advisers. And Mia reveals erotic secrets from her past.
    • 100 dage i Forum
      100 dage i Forum
      Episode 5
      Frank is afraid of his health. He feel pain in his butt and can't sit still for a longer amount of time. A worried Mia think, that he should get his butt checked. Klaus Riskær decides to sponsor the setup of "Langt fra Las Vegas" as musical. But his demands are painful. Soon Frank is on the edge with the whole "Langt fra Las Vegas"-cast and Martin Brygmann.moreless
    • Nina kære Nina
      Nina kære Nina
      Episode 4
      Casper and Frank are at the shooting range to practice their aim. They meet Sofie Lassen Kahlke and Casper offer her a ride. Frank end up going home and get troubles with Mein Kampf and Eddie Skollers cleaning lady. Casper and Frank are at a meeting with Flemming Enevold to discuss "Langt fra Las Vegas" as a musical, and suddenly Casper want Sofie to become a part of the cast!moreless
    • "Pepino & Pepito"
      Carøe provides the members of the beer-club with golfpants and suddenly a situation with Ib Michael's pants, white powder and a puppy occurs. At the same time Casper and Frank perform as clowns at a children birthday, where Casper find it difficult to control his actions, which means, that Frank gets nervous about his hardware.moreless
    • London Kashmir
      London Kashmir
      Episode 2
      Frank gets offered a membership in Casper's beer-club, a club for men where the realities of life are discussed. An argument with one of the long-time members of the club, Jarl Friis Mikkelsen, concerning a woolen sweater jeopardizes the initiation. Mia and Frank wind up in a grief-therapy group and Frank gets in to trouble with a cat, Susan and his own feces.moreless
    • Rosé-forbandelsen
      Casper has left Iben and moved to a hotel. Mia finally gets pregnant. Frank makes a couple of decisions which create doubts about his heterosexuality. A bag of Porkrinds also get him in trouble with his accountant, a Muslim and the IRS. And are there any excuses good enough to explain why Frank runs around in his underwear in public places?moreless
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