Knight Rider

Season 2 Episode 5

Blind Spot

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 1983 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Investigating the exploitation of illegal aliens, Michael must protect a blind woman who's an "ear-witness" to a related crime.

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  • Another dumb episode

    I do not know why I keep watching reruns of this ridiculous show. The acting job of that "blind" woman was soooo fake! Although blind, by using her sixth sense she knows where everyone or everything is. Give me a break! Talk about insult to intelligence. I especially liked that part when Michael walks her out the building and down the patio steps. Right when she gets to the edge of the patio, she shuffles her feet to feel where the edge is before descending. Question is, how does she know when to shuffle her feet for that edge? You don't unless you look. I don't know if you understand what I mean, but I guess you have to watch that scene to catch my drift. There are so many instances like this through-out the episode.moreless
  • Michael helps a blind woman expose an illegal alien hiring contractor.

    Interesting start to this episode, with Michael wearing a Dodgers cap. They must've been in the playoffs or something that year. He goes to a parking lot where Kitt is to be used as a mailbox that someone is going to drop off information about a rich contractor doing some dastardly deeds. No idea why they wouldn't just meet, but this is early 80's TV and you need to make everything fit ya know? Then a beauty porshe drives up at the same time as another car, with the baddies inside. The good guy gets out, wrong time wrong place and gets shot by the guys in the porsche. It seems the good guy was helping a blind woman retrieve her seeng-eye dog. The blind woman helps Michael, as does Kitt of course, and Michael finally gets his man. Of course.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (7)

    • There are multiple times throughout the episode where Julie, who is blind, is squinting in bright sunlight.

    • When Michael leaves KITT to go into the mall, he's wearing a LA Dodgers cap. After the shooting, the cap is gone.

    • Michael expressed unease about leaving Julie at home, even after the bad guys had been arrested, and warns her not to open the door for anyone. Still, after they are bailed and return to kidnap her, she doesn't even have her door chain in place.

    • When Michael starts to give chase from the mall parking lot, he is cut off by a blue pickup truck. However, there is no reason for the truck to have blocked him. There was no pedestrian or vehicle traffic, nor was there a stop sign visible.

    • A cream colored VW Beetle with an off-center black racing stripe appears parked in front of, behind, near, or driving by KITT at least 5 times during the episode. A red Mustang Mach1 with black accents also appears at several points during the episode.

    • In the beginning of the episode, KITT turns on his surveillance camera in the parking lot of a mall in hopes of catching an informant on video. The shot shows a specific series of cars parked in line.
      Later in the episode, a setup shot of Michael and KITT driving into a hospital parking lot shows the exact same line of cars in a identical shot.

    • When the video surveillance KITT recorded is played for Julie, footage that the audience saw, from multiple angles, is included. That shouldn't be possible, since KITT doesn't have remote surveillance drones. Additionally, Julie later claims she's the only one who knows what the then unknown Latino sounds like, but Michael, Devon, and April all heard him on the tape, too.

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  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode title is "Blindes Vertrauen", meaning "Blind Faith". The French episode titles are "Vivre en paix" ("Live in Peace") and "Angle Mort" ("Blind Spot"). The Czech episode title is "Slabý článek", meaning "Weak Link".

    • Music: Santana's "O yea Como Va" (cover version)