Knight Rider

Season 4 Episode 5

Burial Ground

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 1985 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Archaeologists excavating an indian burial ground are kidnapped, and Michael's investigation leads to an industrialist who hopes to drill oil on the land.

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    Ivan Naranjo

    Ivan Naranjo


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    Gina Gallego

    Gina Gallego

    Susan Christopher

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    Michael Horse

    Michael Horse

    Jonathan Eagle

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      • KITT: I'll need Bonnie.
        Michael: You got her. (turns on Comm)
        Bonnie: Michael! I've been getting some strange readouts from KITT. It's like an earthquake.
        Michael: No, no, just a rockslide.
        Bonnie: (flatly) I wish I thought you were kidding. Is KITT alright?
        Michael: I'm fine, thank you! I love you, too.

      • KITT: You know, Michael, I did fulfill the ancient promise of their God of the Wind.
        Michael: Oh, please, don't get it into your circuits that you have any sort of divine heritage, all right?!
        KITT: But what if it's true?
        Michael: Let me answer that question with a question. What's wrong with being a superb piece of machinery, a partner, a friend?
        KITT: Nothing at all.
        Michael: I rest my case.
        KITT: But Michael, you could bring me flowers sometimes.

      • Michael: (after defeating Cyrus) Where you're going, you're going to get all the land you're ever gonna need—an 8'x8' cell. No digging allowed.

      • Michael: (after defeating Simpson) Game's over, Snakeman!

      • Dr. Tanner: You know what the penalty is for kidnapping?
        Lucas: Yeah, about the same as it is for murder.
        Dr. Tanner: You have the mentality of a Cro-Magnon man.
        Lucas: Maybe, but at least I know where I am. And I ain't no prisoner.

      • Cyrus: You seem to know so much. Since when did you become an Indian?
        Michael: Since I went through a snake ceremony—and lived.
        Cyrus: You're a lucky man. (threatening) I wouldn't push it if I were you.
        Michael: You're not me.

      • Cyrus: (to Dr. Thorne) I'm sitting on millions of dollars in oil, waiting to be tapped. You've got 89¢ worth of Indian artifacts. Where do you think your future lies?

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