Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 18

Chariot of Gold

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 1983 on NBC
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Chariot of Gold
Members of Helios, a society for geniuses, die suspiciously, and Michael and KITT's investigation uncovers a possible connection to an archaelogical dig.

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  • Bonnie and Devin are inducted into a genius society called Helios, but members keep dying mysteriously. Bonnie is drugged and brainwashed into reprogramming KITT for the bad guys to help steal gold from a museum.moreless

    It was okay until the end. It really sort of fell apart in the last 15-20 minutes. Don't read beyond this point if you don't want spoilers. A drugged and brainwashed Bonnie holds Michael up with a gun and K.I.T.T. and Michael go with it. K.I.T.T. could have ejected her. Then a bad guy is burying Michael in a ditch using a crane. At one point Michael is running around yelling "NO!" and the next cut he is lying down and knocked out and just coming to. Then the bad guy stupidly drives after Michael and into the ditch.

    Then in the climax, K.I.T.T. has been reprogrammed to obey the head bad guy. Michael basically reprograms K.I.T.T. permanently and fully, by saying "You're my car! I am Michael Knight and you are the Knight Industries 2000." This is after Bonnie had to do more complicated things to reprogram K.I.T.T. as we see her pulling out circuits. Michael also "reprograms" brainwashed Bonnie in the same manner he reprograms K.I.T.T.: "Bonnie, it's me, Michael, you, me, and Devin are a team, we love each other!" and then she's fine. And speaking of Devin, where was he during all of this? He was inducted into Helios too!

    At the very end of our climactic scene, the main bad guy also crashes for seemingly no reason and that is how he is caught.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Toward the end of the episode when Michael and KITT chase Deauville, there is a wide shot where KITT is jumping, and you can see the side-mount camera at the rear of KITT.

    • Michael twice refers to KITT as "Knight Industry Two-Thousand," though the series clearly states the acronym stands for "Knight Industries Two-Thousand."

    • Michael 'rescues' Bonnie from Helios at dawn, but the short shadows of KITT give away that the scene was shot near midday.

    • The licence plate to Devon's orange-red Mercedes convertible, previously seen in "No Big Thing," has switched to 1E59885.

    • In this episode KITT is able to analyze an occupant's blood/vitals with a cuff device fitted to the arm. The only episode this gadget is used, in later episodes KITT can scan people's vitals from afar.

    • We learn that KITT is programmed with information on 5,875 pharmaceutical compounds.

    • Michael tells Devon he's taken Litton to Physician's Hospital, but the pillow under Litton's head clearly is labeled St. Joseph Medical Center.

    • When KITT is unloaded at the museum, it's clearly raining. In fact, rain is running off of him. However, when the camera focuses on Bonnie and the scientist, they are totally dry. Then a few minutes later, when Michael arrives, the parking lot is already dry in places when it was totally wet moments before.

    • The footage of KITT the Helios members look at are from previous shows. One in particular is KITT's fire streams from "Deadly Maneuvers."

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Bonnie: What's this?
      Michael: This is eggs, scrambled. Toast, light. Juice, fresh, strawberries and cream. Devon's idea.
      Bonnie: And the single yellow rose?
      Devon: Michael's idea.
      Bonnie: Auto News?
      KITT: My idea, Bonnie. I hope you like it.

    • Deauville: Does it surprise you that we have devised the perfect crime to finance our project?
      Michael: Comin' from you, nothin' surprises me.
      Deauville: Good. We understand each other.

    • Michael: I didn't know whether you'd still talk to me now that you're smart.
      Bonnie: Never stopped me before.
      Michael: That's very funny.

    • Devon: Why is it when one is in a hurry, one's tie never goes right?
      Bonnie: I think it's called Devon's First Law of Nervousness.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The German episode title is "Die Helios-Nadel", meaning "The Helios Pin". The French episode title is "L'Or des Aztèques", meaning "Aztec Gold". The Czech episode title is "Vůz plný zlata", meaning "A Vehicle Filled With Gold".

    • A cut sequence saw Michael being forced to take the Helios entrance exam. Told sarcastically to use every resource at his disposal, Michael cheats and uses K.I.T.T. instead.

    • ORIGINAL TITLE: "Survival of the Fittest"


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