Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 13

Forget Me Not

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 1982 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When KITT is freeing himself from the parked cars to meet Michael at the party's entrance, black padding can clearly be seen on the bumpers of all the cars as KITT causes them to make contact with each other.

    • Near the beginning of the story, KITT says to Michael "Around you ready to be briefed before you attend this, uh, party?"; This is the only time in the entire series that KITT uses such speech disfluency – ordinarily he would never use utterances such as "uh".

    • In the shots of Michael pursueing the bad guys' car (at two different points in the story), the computer game-looking graphics that appear on KITT's monitor are actually recycled from when Michael was seen playing a computer game through KITT in "Deadly Manoeuvres" earlier in the season.

    • In the United Kingdom, one-off BBC Three programme 'Great TV Mistakes', presented by comedian Robert Webb as part of a series of occasional themed shows, featured three bloopers from this episode – the shot of Micki jumping from the villains' car visibly being a stunt person in a wig; shots of KITT, when boxed in by other cars outside the party, pushing them, revealing the other cars to have huge pads of rubber on the bumpers (fenders) to prevent damage; and the visible shadow of a film crew during one of the scenes at the horse ground. (To note regarding this TV programme is that only one particular episode was selected as an example of TV shows such as 'Knight Rider', and does not really represent an overall view to bloopers in the series).

    • After freeing himself from being parked in to meet Michael at the party's entrance, as KITT brakes and slides to orient himself, for a split second a hand can be seen on the bottom right of the steering wheel before the driver side door opens.

    • When KITT turbo boosts off the cliff's edge to the beach to help Michael, the shot of a car going over a cliff is clearly not KITT. It is actually a stock footage shot from the 1977 film The Car, previously used to represent KARR falling over the edge of the cliff in "Trust Doesn't Rust". The shot also shows the car falling near vertically, but when KITT lands he is shown coming from a more horizontal angle.

    • At the climax, when Michael lassos the assassin his arms are bound to his body. In the subsequent long shot, the assassin's arms flail freely as he struggles on the ground. Following shots again show his arms bound, and then flailing freely again as Michael engages him to complete his apprehending.

    • When the white car and horse trailer enter the stables, you can see a camera stand shadow on the ground

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