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    I was just thinking, despite the fact that the programs were on different networks, does anyone else think that a cross-over episode between Knight Rider and the Dukes of Hazzard would have been a great idea? To me, the situation in the town with the corruption of Boss Hogg would have been a great setup for FLAG to take on, even if Hazard was such a small town. I can just see KITT's reaction to Roscoe's fake parking meter ticket scam, not to mention Beau and Luke's reaction to KITT, as well as Michael's reaction to Daisy. Daisy and Michael probably would have been a natural couple, which of course would have set Beau and Luke against Michael right from the start, trying to protect their cousin from the super-slick city boy with a hot car. I can even hear KITT's somewhat conceited remarks and comments about the General Lee being ok, for an older less sophisticated car. The whole thing would have been great for a Dukes' series finale, where the town is finally rid of Boss Hogg's corruption, thanks in part to the Dukes, and FLAG and Michael's timely intervention. It could have so many great moments... Enos' getting a ride in KITT without Michael's being there to drive, Devin's very British reaction to some Southern "cuisine", Bonnie's jealousy over Michael's developing relationship with Daisy... I know it can't happen now, with the actors that played Jesse, Hogg, and Devin all dead, but still. If they could have done it back then...
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