Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 4

Good Day at White Rock

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 1982 on NBC
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Good Day at White Rock
Michael and KITT head to the quiet backwater town of White Rock for Michael to take a well deserved vacation and do a little rock climbing, but the trip isn't quite the quiet break expected when they find that the town is being terrorized by a rowdy motorcycle gang preparing to do battle with a rival club of bikers.moreless

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  • Chowing down on cheeseburgers, climing rocks, fighting bikers, drinking beer, and kissing the girl. Oh aren't you our cute little Hoff!

    A little vacation doesn't go so well when Michael and KITT go rock climbing just outside of a town with a wimpy sheriff and rowdy bikers. Oh course Michael and KITT save the day but not before getting arrested for being the good guy by a messed up sheriff and knocking out a biker or two. Michael gets the girl by the end of course. Really, I think i noticed the first part of this episode and the ending where Knight is dining with Devon a little too much. At the beginning Knight chows down on a cheeseburger and in the end gulps down a huge class of wine. Oh well, who would have though the Hoff was a little too much like his character. Your future is calling you David. Good episode though.moreless
  • Michael heads to the quiet backwater town of White Rock to relax and do some rock climbing, but falls foul of the misguided local Sheriff; But an even bigger problem comes about when an uncontrollable biker gang arrive in town. Corny but great fun...moreless

    It may be very corny, with not much of an overall plot, but 'Good Day at White Rock' is a really fun early episode of 'Knight Rider', and one of my first season favourites.

    I love the feel of this episode, and it sums up an era of TV where things were simple, "no frills" good vs. bad stories, before some of the more over-stylized shows of the mid-1980s came in.

    Many action-adventure shows of the era used the "biker gang terrorising a small town" plot, and it is one that I like. Interestingly, the great early episode 'Black Day at Bad Rock' of 'The A-Team', not only uses a play on the title of the 1955 film 'Bad Day at Back Rock' in the same way that 'Good Day at White Rock' does, but the two episodes also share very similar plots (though not enough to be a direct rip). I love both episodes.

    Devon only features at the very beginning and very end of this story, as Michael visits him in some upper-class restaurant. Although he is still a bit haughty here, his harsh attitude towards Michael seen in the Pilot and 'Deadly Manoeuvres', is already being much toned down a great deal by this episode.

    Regular 1980s TV guest star Anne Lockhart plays Sherry, who naturally Michael has a romance with and gets the chance to rescue. A fun bit of trivia is that Lockhart was on the shortlist to play the role of Bonnie (who incidentally is not seen in this episode); although she ultimately did not get the role, the producers liked her audition enough to cast her in this episode.

    The plot of 'Good Day...' holds little real surprises, but with this kind of fun, easy-going story, it doesn't really matter. I was a little confused by the Sheriff's actions – I got that he just wants peace and an easy life, but he seems to unduly pick on Michael and lock him up for little good reason; I felt this could have been explained a bit better.

    Part of me really wants to give this episode a 10, but the aforementioned matter with the Sheriff, and a couple of other small points – even by 'Knight Rider's standards there are some very corny moments (oh, and Michael looks delightfully camp as he disguises himself as one of the bikers, butch cap et al.) – maybe stop this one from getting a solid 10, but on the whole 'Good Day at White Rock' is a really enjoyable early episode. I've always liked it, and have become even fonder of it in more recent years. I give it a high-ranking 9.5.moreless
  • Classic Knight Rider

    Sure, sure, it's cheesy 1980s good vs. evil writing and acting, but how much more defining can this episode be of this series?

    Michael tries to take a vacation but winds up in the thick of the worst trouble '80s TV had to offer -- terrorism on a local scale, starring a gang of motorcycle toughs. He meets a damsel, soon to be in distress (with her little brother, in her care,) and puffs up to let the bad boys know he's in town.

    In the mix is a pacifist sheriff who locks Michael and KITT up for no good reason, but the two do-gooders find a way to enlist the lawman's help in defusing the biker situation. Oh, and the damsel is saved, naturally.

    Call me a fan of shows in this genre and time period (thank you,) but this is what we live for. Dumb, drunken bikers who terrorize pretty, skinny girls and small children were the stuff 1980s writers dreamed of... as long as there was a Michael Knight and a KITT around to save the day.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Michael uses his com-link watch to communicate with KITT for the first time in this episode.

    • The scenes of the bikers camp at night are clearly filmed at day, with very little stage lighting and the picture dimmed down to make it look as if it is night. In several shots, clear blue sky is visibly seen in the background.

    • We learn the Foundation's phone number is 223-553-0433.

    • When we see KITT escaping from being impounded at the sherriff's impound yard, he pushes a station wagon. A couple are making out in the back of the station wagon and the back window is down. KITT is screeching his tires and they obviously would have heard the noise, but fail to do so.

    • When Michael leaves the White Rock General Store to give the store owner's brother a ride, he is wearing sneakers. When Michael returns to break up the fight after dropping him off, he's wearing cowboy boots.

    • While KITT's molecular bonded shell is supposed to be a classifed Foundation secret, in this episode he is heard to begin revealing the specific chemical formula of the alloy to Sherry.

    • The stock close-up footage of KITT allowing Michael's hand to open the passenger door does not match Michael's hand in the longer shot.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Michael: (to Sherry) I came to climb. But I've been known to get hooked on new things.

    • Michael: Any ideas?
      KITT: I thought I'd let you try first. It always makes you feel better on those rare occasions when you out think me.

    • KITT: Am I safe in assuming that nobody wants to play Geography at the moment?
      Michael: Yes. You're right. Just keep driving.
      KITT: But for how long?
      Michael: Till one of us runs out of gas.
      Sherry: Mmm.

    • Sherry: Aren't you going just a little fast?
      Michael: Sally Field trusted Burt Reynolds.

  • NOTES (12)

    • Guest Anne Lockhart was on the shortlist of candidates to play the role of Bonnie.

    • The Season 1 DVD box set incorrectly gives the title of this episode as "A Good Day at White Rock".

    • As Michael and K.I.T.T. drive to White Rock and the Guest Star credits roll, the orchestral in-episode version of the main theme plays for the first time. This version of the theme would go on to be featured in many more first season episodes.

    • Music: Cover versions of "Can I See You Tonight" by Tanya Tucker, "Born To Be Wild" by Steppenwolf, "Livingston Saturday Night" by Jimmy Buffett, and "After Midnight" by Eric Clapton

    • The German episode title is "Der Bandenkrieg", meaning "Gang Warfare". The Frence episode title is "L'Équipée sauvage", meaning "The Wild Bunch". The Czech episode title is "Dovolená ve White Rock", meaning "Vacation in White Rock".

    • This is the first of James Callahan's two, unrelated appearances on Knight Rider. He can also be seen in season three's "Circus Knights."

    • This episode is filmed on the part of the backlot that will be famous for the Back to the Future movies in three years.

    • This episode is the first of two appearances by Anne Lockhart on the show. She appears again, in a different role, in "Return to Cadiz."

    • Although credited, Patricia McPherson (Bonnie) does not appear in this episode.

    • The script (2nd Draft possibly) describes a billboard on the outskirts of town that reads "White Rock, Don't Forget to Come Back!" After the climactic chase sequence it is destroyed and finally reads "White Rock, Don't... Come Back!" It failed to make the episode.

    • Keith Coogan was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 1983 for Best Young Actor - Guest On A Series. He won the award!

    • This is the first episode to have the narration on the opening credits.