Knight Rider

Season 4 Episode 13

Killer K.I.T.T.

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 1986 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When the men fire the rocket at KITT before their road test, they do it clear of any cars.  But the shot of Michael's reaction show cars parked in the background.

    • Michael has trouble with KITT's video playback and connects KITT to the semi's monitor to watch footage of the car drive by and fire the bazooka at KITT. However, Michael didn't start recording the car until after it fired and sped away.

  • Quotes

    • Devon: (observing RC's motorcycle heap) know, I used to ride one of these things once.
      RC3: (disbelief) You're putting me on. You, on a chopper?
      Devon: Yes, during the war. As a matter a fact, I remember one evening, riding back into an RAF station, blackouts, as usual. And just as I rode into the station, I was strafed by an enemy aircraft. Of course, I scrambled for cover. And when the smoke had cleared, my motorcycle looked just like yours.

    • (KITT plays beer hall music)
      Michael: KITT, that's not your kind of music.  You've always hated tubas.
      KITT: Well, we're all entitled to grow.
      Michael: Not at the expense of others. Now get me Bonnie.
      KITT: You can dial direct, Michael.

    • Michael: I got something for you that might cheer you up. How about a little music?
      (Michael puts in a tape and brass instrument music starts playing)
      KITT: Forgive them, Vivaldi, they know not what they do.

    • (KITT is finally himself again)
      KITT: It was horrible.
      Michael: You know, you would have hated yourself. You even said the word "ain't."
      KITT: (disgusted) Uggh! Unforgivable.

    • KITT: You'll have to learn to change your tone, Michael. I don't like being ordered about.

    • Marco: Revenge, not money, is the cure for bitterness.

    • (on their way to Farrell's hideout)
      Michael:  Plot me the most direct course.
      KITT:  Really, Michael, all you have to do is look at the monitor.
      Michael:  [pause]  What?
      KITT:  It's right there, you make a right at the second stop light, and proceed 2.9 miles down Cloverfield Avenue.
      Michael:  What is wrong with you today?
      KITT:  I -- I don't know Michael.  I'm sorry, that just slipped out.  I'm -- I'm feeling rather strange all of sudden.

    • KITT: Not now Michael, I have a headache.

    • (KITT goes after Berio, hitting him with his left door, knocking him to the ground)
      KITT: That's for making me say "ain't!"
      (He goes back after him, this time flipping him over his hood)
      KITT: That's for making me attack Michael!
      (Berio gets back up, but KITT hits him with his right door as Michael and RC3 watch)
      KITT: And that's just for computer lovers everywhere. (Berio then slumps to the ground)

    • Michael: How ya doing pal?
      K.I.T.T.: I ain't your pal!
      Michael: You said "ain't," you MUST be sick!

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